HTC is well reputed name in mobile industry and have the reputation of giving you the best services in terms of customer satisfaction, price and innovative applications. There is huge demand of various applications associated with it to enhance HTC handsets.

Keeping in mind of several users and wide-ranging popularity of HTC now it is come up with numerous free applications for its various users. These all applications are different in features and specifications and some of them are listed below: Enjoy this list of HTC Apps and reply with your feedback.

1. 3G WatchDog

3GWatchDog Monitors your Mobile Internet (3G/Edge/GPRS) traffic usage, useful if you have an ”unlimited data” plan that actually came with a fair usage policy (read the small prints!)

With 3G WatchDog you can make sure that you never go over your allowance!

2. Wave Secure

Anti-Theft, Anti-DataLost! This is a fantastic application that allows you to keep track of your phone if you ever lose it. Functions include remote locking, backup, wipe and restore data – all can be done via The Wave Secure web interface.

An absolute must have HTC Apps for owners!

3. Astro File Manager

A very comprehensive file manager, probably the best file management app for the android right now.
Functions include: Files, Applications and Tasks Manager | zip, tgz files Reader|
Image and File viewer | Selectable Tool icons | Shortcuts | Task killer | SD card usage
| Backup & restore multiple public applications | Send files as attachments | Search

4. eBay for HTC

The award-winning eBay android app now available for the HTC Phones!

Pocket Auctions for eBay functions include:

Supports UK and USA | My eBay | Search active & completed items | Full screen pictures | Price check | Bid & Buy it Now | HTC-style notifications | Find deals | Scan bar codes | Chat

5. Shop Savvy

Price comparison on the move – The ultimate Savings Hunter!

Scan the Bar code of any product and this clever app will then (based on your location) search nearby shops for the cheapest price available as well as checking the web for cheaper options! This is a MUST HAVE HTC Apps!

6. Advanced Task Manager

A Must Have HTC application!!!

The HTC Advanced Task Manager allows you to end applications, speed up phone, save battery and much more! Functions include: Terminate Apps and Services | Shows Memory Info | Bulk select and exclusion | Widget form for one-click end all | Bulk-quick Uninstall.
This is one of the most useful apps for HTC, used to be a paid app but now available for free! This is worth a place in our starter pack section.

7. Google Sky Map

With Google Sky Map for your HTC phone you can discover and browse the night sky just by pointing your phone to space.

By using your HTC phone’s orientation sensors, we can show you a star map for your location. Explore planets, stars, constellations, and more!

8. Meebo

With The Meebo application for HTC, you can log into all your Instant Messaging accounts and send messages for free. (Including AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, MySpace, Google Talk, Jabber and ICQ)

It will also your save IM history onto you meebo account which you can access from your computer. Very handy app for IM addicts with multiple IM logins!

9. TorrentFu For HTC

TorrentFu is a uTorrent and Transmission remote for the Android handsets which enables you to manage and search for torrents by keyword, and Barcodes!

Yes, you can scan the bar code, and this will automatically find the torrent for that item, and add it to the torrent client on your PC! A must have for torrent users. Oh and er….. Copyright theft is illegal by the way

10. Trip Journal for HTC

Winner of The Mobile Travel Application Award by Google, Trip Journal is the ultimate trip tracking, recording, documenting and sharing solution.

Use Trip Journal to document your vacation experiences and share them with your friends and family. Track you’re traveling route, record waypoints, photos and notes and attach them to the trip. Visualize the recorded information and follow your position on the map.

11. My Player

A light-weight application that provides access to BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Five On Demand, MSN Video and SBS directly, eliminating the requirement of a (flash-enabled) mobile browser.

12. TweetDeck

HTC very kindly supplies its own Peep Twitter app along with HTC Sense, but it’s hardly a next-gen, life-empowering, communications mega-hub, is it? Which is why you need TweetDeck instead.

It supports multiple accounts, also integrates your Facebook account messages into one unified timeline, and even lets you use Google’s Buzz service at the same time. One of the best apps out there, and super-smooth on the HTC Desire.

13. IM Plus

It’s great that HTC includes the Talk messaging application. Barely a day passes that we don’t count our blessings for that act of generosity. But what about MSN? AOL? Some people are still using ICQ for heaven’s sake!

Messenger aggregator IM Plus takes care of the lot, offering one unified front end that handles all popular – and incredibly old and near death – internet text chat tools. Great, if you can remember your ICQ number.

14. SwiftKey

The HTC Sense QWERTY keyboard is nice, no doubt about that, but it’s still basically a last-generation text input system shoehorned onto the Desire. Which, on first look, is also what you get with SwiftKey – it’s a nice QWERTY with alternate numbers and characters accessed via a long press.

The magic happens when you start to type, with the keyboard’s predictive software doing an amazing job of guessing your next word. And it learns, gradually getting better at it.

15. Pocket DivX

Pocket Uno v1.63 provides the user with hours of fun and busy work. This all-time favorite game is now mobile and available to play with up to four players at a time. A fun fact about this product is that it comes in fourteen different languages and it has three levels. The visuals on this application really bring the game to life.

16. Mini Dictionary

It has a database of 175,622 words with detailed meanings. This dictionary has the definitions right at the tip of your finger. This application is readily available and produces the information you are seeking quickly.

17. Facebook Mobile

It connects people with friends and shares an unlimited amount of photos, links and videos. This application allows the camera on the HTC to upload pictures directly onto your Facebook page online. This application also makes replying to Facebook pokes, wall posts and messages directly very easy. You can match up your mobile contacts with their Facebook profiles.

18. Locale

Locale is an app that really shows off the power of a multitasking OS. What you do, is set up situations with criteria like location, time of day, or even getting a call from a particular contact. Then you associate each situation with some preferred settings. So your phone can know when you’ve arrived at work, and turn off your ringer, disable your Wi-Fi, change screen brightness, change your wallpaper, and so on.

19. PhoneMyPC

PhoneMyPC is a remote access app for Windows PCs. Just install the app and the desktop client to get started. You’ll be asked to choose a unique username and password to associate the phone and PC with each other. The app gives you the option to just view what is on the screen, take a snapshot of it, interact live, and more. Of course, what everyone wants to do is interact live, and PhoneMyPC does that very well. On the Incredible, you’ll be able to control the mouse with the trackpad, and tap on the screen to indicate a click.

20. Doggcatcher

If you like listening to podcasts, Doggcatcher is a must. This is a full-featured podcatcher and player. You can add feeds to it by searching or pasting in a URL. It has a plethora of options to control how your files are downloaded. For instance, you can have Doggcatcher check for podcasts on a schedule, but only download them when you’re on Wi-Fi. The integrated player is actually quite good, with skip back/forward buttons and support for headset button binding.

21. Astrid

Astrid was an early favorite app on the Android platform. It is a full featured to-do notifications manager that is available free of charge. Astrid offers background reminders of due dates and tagging support. There is also a Locale plug-in included with the app. It allows you to set “tag alerts” in Locale. So if you have pick up dry cleaning, you can set up a reminder with tag alert by adding it to your Astrid list, and telling locale to watch for that tag when you drive by the dry cleaners.

22. Radiant

If you want to get started gaming on Android, we suggest Radiant. This game is pure retro space shooter goodness. It’s a top-down game reminiscent of Space Invaders using 8-bit style graphics with lots of beautiful lighting effects. The trackpad on the Incredible will give you fine control of your craft as you seek to avenge the destruction of your home

23. Opera

The standard Android webkit browser is fast enough on the HTC Desire – but Opera Mobile 10.1 is even faster still. As well as the speed boost, using Opera also removes the shackles of HTC’s bizarre limitation on the number of browser tabs you’re allowed to have open at any time.

Plus it manages tabs better in the first place. A super browser that’s a genuine showcase app on the HTC Desire. But there’s no Flash support as yet. Swings and roundabouts.

24. Pandora

Pandora is an old standby in the smart phone space. You’re probably familiar with the music streaming service, but it’s still a must have app. Just sign in and start streaming music over Wi-Fi or 3G. One thing unique to the Android app is that in includes a very nice widget.

25. TV to Go

It allows the HTC user to watch their favorite shows live wherever they may be. Never miss the game because you are stuck somewhere you would rather not be. Waiting in line can be fun with the TV to Go application to keep you occupied. This HTC application includes over 40 premium and broadcast channels. These channels include local channels, news channels, movies, entertainment, video on demand and more.