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Facebook to Buy Face.com for a Whopping $100 Million [Rumor]

As reported, there are rumors surfacing about the Facebook deal with Face.com (Face Recognition Company) for a whopping amount of $80-$100 million. This point’s to the possibility that Facebook will apply the face recognition technology to automatically tag the friends in your images and eliminate the need of doing it individually. This is just an assumption, as we don’t have any confirmed news for this matter. But this all makes sense if Facebook is buying Face.com for such a big amount of money.

Face.com actually is the perfect facial recognition software, which may well help Facebook users recognize the people in the tagged photos faster.

Actually, this deal between Face.com and Facebook has long been rumored, and now we are getting the front news of this acquisition.

As reported, discussions and negotiations for the acquisition had taken place many times over the past few years, but Face.com refused the offer every time due to the low amount of money Facebook was ready to pay for the deal.

Stay tuned, folks for more updates!

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