Samsung has released its Android Smartphone just a few months back in 2011. It is said to be the second dual core smart phone in the world ever. It’s descendant of the Samsung Galaxy S. WVGA super Amoled 4.3 inches screen for display is surprisingly large that gives a good viewing for operating the cell phone. The screen of Samsun S-11 is simply spectacular. It has great color resolution, vibrancy and color saturation that remains sparkling where other LCDs lose their resolution on-screen with time or as they are tilted from the centre.

It has the standard dual core 1.2 GHz SoC processor along with 1 GB of RAM with 16 GB of internal memory that gives you enough good space to store videos, pictures and personal movies.

What it offers different from many other cell phones is that Samsung has incorporated the Mobile High Definition Link into Samsung Galaxy S II that allows the users to have compression free video with 1080p with the charging of battery at the same time. You can enjoy a good quality picture and video with that one.

Whatever the technology has been employed in it but its touch screen works very well than every other cell phone. It smudges marks and fingerprints in a better way than any other phone. The long display screen is a little disturbed because of some home, lock and back keys but otherwise the display is extremely sizzling and eye-catching that gives a wide space to operate and view clearer view of browsing windows. Samsung Galaxy S II undoubtedly gives a good deal of experience to its user.

Samsung Galaxy S II is much lighter and thinner than many Smart phones. It is just 0.33 inches thick that speaks for its weight. It is easy to carry because of the lighter weight while the curvy edges make its handling a way easier. The textured back of Samsung keeps the cell phone save from scratches and gives a solid grip to handle the phone.

The accessories Samsung Galaxy S II offers are:

  • Standard 3.5 mm TRS headphone jack
  • Micro USB connection port
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 802.11n Wi-Fi integrated BCM 4330
  • FM radio

While the optional accessories are:

  • Dock connector
  • MHL cable for Micro USB port
  • Stylus pen for screen use
  • USB OTG adaptor

It has bundles of applications like all social networking sites are available with one application. Games, readers and music hubs give you the opportunity to play, read and listen to music that can also be downloaded either its games, books/newspapers/songs with the help of the applications. While some other applications like navigation, maps, voice recognition, Google translation, Adobe flash, etc.

Samsung Galaxy S II definitely outstands amongst the smart phones currently available in market. It is a cell phone that offers multiple applications with stunning features. It is remarkably an excellent android phone that might not suit everyone well but will surely benefit those who want to have such big screen display with multiple specifications and features.