Excitement of iPhone 5 release which is expected anytime in this year is making everyone wondering about different things. What will be the latest features? How smart it would be? What will be the price and most obvious, how it will look like? Federico Ciccarese has just came up with some new idea of iPhone 5 looks, are you excited about having something totally different which Apple has never presented before?  Yes readers, the new iPhone is coming in a quite cool, sexy and cute design. Rumors say that it is also going to look like a big Magic Mouse…Whoa…I curved shape you see. What are you thinking? Will it be ridiculous? I don’t think so…I’m sure that it is quite cool and something wholly different because Apple has never adopted this kind of design, or may be not for iPhone at least. You must remember that previous iMacs were quite curved from back, and older iPhone were also a bit curved. Then iPhone 4 came with quite rectangular shape. It was changed and looked pretty nice in both colors, white was quite cool and black was glossy elegant as ever. IPhone 4 got a huge success but now Federico is going back to that curved shape, or may be a big curve with a curved display also.

May be Apple is going to get a huge success…Let us see what this new iPhone is going to offer. It is described that the camera is moved to the center from the left most side of back. The audio jack is moved at the side of gadget from the top of the current model iPhone 4S. I think this new location of audio jack is quite convenient and suitable because the current design is a bit problematic when using a wired headphone. The common phones also have audio jacks on top or sides; it’s a universal concept among smart phones so it shows that it is a positive move for the iPhone 5.

Another feature which is expected in the new design is another GPU bump for the latest gadget, for much impressive gaming experience on new smart phone. You will also see Apple logo at back which lights up, WOW, A cute feature which was expected by iPhone and iMac users from many years. New iPhone is going to set fit at your expectations. Please note that all these features and design is just a concept yet. May be there would be some other slight changes when it comes in our hands. So, are you ready to buy this Magic Mouse looking iPhone 5…? Let’s hope it to be a huge success as every time.