Whenever you connect your iPad/iPhone/iPod with iTunes using a computer, iTunes starts itself and after that it directly begins to automatically synchronize all your stuff between the IOS handheld device and your computer. I was so annoyed of this stuff and wanted to find a way through which I could disable this process whenever I connect my iPhone with my computer. So, I finally found a way on how to disable auto sync process and sharing with you guys, try it out guys, it does work:

How to disable auto-sync when connecting your iPhone/iPad/iPod with your PC:

Step#1: As for the initial step, connect your IOS device with your computer (optional) and run iTunes and launch “Preferences” situated in the iTunes menu

Step#2: Next click on the tab named “Devices”

Step#3: Tick mark the radio box beside “Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically”

Step#4: As a final step click on “OK” for changes to take effect and exit the Preferences option.

From now on whenever you will connect your IOS device to your computer, the auto-syncing process won’t take place without your permission.

Note: You are not required to connect your IOS device with your computer to alter this option in iTunes preferences. A tip for you!

It is recommended to let this option enabled by default since it creates a full backup of your IOS device. If a user disables this option, he/she will get in the routine of manually creating the back up for their IOS devices in iCloud or manually creating the back up inside their computer using iTunes itself. If in case a user forgets to back up his/her IOS device, then he/she would have to restore the data present in his/her IOS device, if anything goes wrong.