Halloween applications have already been developed for the iPad counterpart – the iPhone – but there’s also several quality applications based on Halloween for the iPad itself. VOICEABLE has compiled a list of the top 10 best iPad Halloween apps.

10. Catalog Spree: Best iPad Halloween Apps

If you’re out shopping for Halloween supplies, Catalog Spree will make your job a whole lot easier via showcasing retailers, as well as the entailing features:

  • Deals section
  • Pinch to zoom in
  • Choose favorites

9. Pumpkin Pops: Best iPad Halloween Apps

Games based on Halloween are far and few between, certainly. However, Pumpkin Pops is one of the pick of the bunch by delivering:

  • Over 100,000 levels
  • Spooky-based backgrounds
  • Simple user interface

8. Halloween Voice Transformer: Best iPad Halloween Apps

If you’re looking to scare your friends and family this forthcoming Halloween, Halloween Voice Transformer will achieve the needed results. Notable features are:

  • Email voices
  • 6 voices to choose from
  • Save voices

7. Angry Birds Seasons: iPad Halloween Apps

Angry Birds Seasons, as its name suggests, features gameplay based off the popular IP varying over several seasons throughout the entirety of a year. Features for the game include:

  • Hundreds of levels
  • Numerous difficult levels
  • Addictive

6. Plants vs. Zombies: Best iPad Halloween Apps

Plants vs. Zombies has won countless accolades as a game, and for its developer PopCap. Its success has come in the form of some of the following features:

  • A total of 50 levels
  • Various types of enemies
  • Achievements support

5. ZombieBooth: 3D Zombifier: iPad Halloween Apps

This application will allow users to get pictures of pets, friends and family, etc. and give a zombie-styled theme to them. ZombieBooth: 3D Zombifier features:

  • Shares images on social sites and email
  • 3D animated zombies
  • 50 zombie variations included

4. Zombie Highway: Best iPad Halloween Apps

Zombie Highway has proved to be one of the more entertaining games with a Halloween edge instilled. Features for the Auxbrain-developed title entails:

  • Four cars
  • Game Center
  • 8 kinds of zombies

3. Pro Zombie Soccer: Best iPad Halloween Apps

Soccer games are great fun in general, especially on the iPad. Mix in some zombies into such a game and you’ve got yourself a hugely entertaining ride ahead. Features for Pro Zombie Soccer include:

  • Soundtrack is original
  • Notable graphics
  • Different types of zombies

2. Halloween FX Soundboard: iPad Halloween Apps

When Halloween does come by, Halloween FX Soundboard is a suitable method of getting into the mood of the event via sounds situated around it. Features for the application are:

  • Total of 24 sounds
  • Created by professional studio
  • Notable sound quality

1. Halloween Card Creator: Best iPad Halloween Apps

Every wanted to create cards based on Halloween for your loved ones? Halloween Card Creator sees the creation of such cards via some of the following features:

  • Halloween fonts
  • Share via Facebook
  • 150 pieces of clip art