Latest news for the Farmville Lovers, get set for the totally new interface of Farmville Hawaiian Paradise which is about to be released. The regular Farmville animals are under the Makeover Magic to get a totally new In Action appearance. The early access will be available though using Farm Cash like the previous farms were available.

The news of this new farm was unveiled by Zynga at last December. Farmers were not sure about its arrival but now it is made officially declared that the 5th farm is going to be set as tropical Hawaii. The launch of this farm is shown when the game loads and the postcard which will be appeared when the game launches.

According to FV nation, we are going to have a totally upgraded world of new animals and plants, the exciting new features, discoverable treasures of land and sea and much more. Farmers are being quite crazy to get their hands on this totally exciting farm. 44-55 farm cash will be needed to get this new upgrade or may be a small amount of $10 to get Hawaiian paradise if you want it before others. Some bonus items will be presented in the process.

Take a look at the New Farm:

  • Plots:

As it can be anticipated by the name, you will have the access on both elements of the land and the sea. So get ready to plant on land and water plots. It will be a 12×12 plot containing 45 land plots and 10 water plots. You can expend it level by level as you have done with other farms.

  • Volcano Reef:

It is considered the major attraction which will need special elements like baby fish, volcano meter, and stony coral to build.

  • Coconut and Currency:

Coconuts are the main currency elements along with the farm cash in Hawaiian Paradise. Things can be purchased giving out coconuts. Coins can also be converted into coconuts as coconuts are the main currency over here. About 6000 coconuts you will get free initially.

  • Farming Vehicles:

Both land and water vehicles will be there for farming. You are familiar with land vehicles, water vehicles will be Water seeder, water tractor, water harvester and water combine.

  • Animal Habitats:

Just like land farms, water farm will have several habitats. Island chicken coops, Island wildlife habitat, Island cow pasture, Island horse paddock, Island pet run and Island livestock pen.

  • Hidden Treasure:

The Hawaiian paradise will be full of treasures but as you can imagine, this time you will have to dig them out of water so you will need different sizes of nets to let them out. Same is the case with water corps, you can grow sea animals as water corps.