Digg one of the best social networking site among all social networks. At Digg all stories are submitted by users, then upvoted by users. With the launch of v4 Digg has three sections top news, my news & upcoming but yesterday Digg comes out with huge update that they launched the one more section which is called newswire. from now whenever you open Digg.com you’ll see this new section Newswire Beta on the top navigation. Click it! You’ll arrive on the Digg Newswire, which gives you the tools to shape the breaking stories on Digg. While stories arrives on Top News every ten minutes, news appears in the Newswire in real-time: submit an article and it’ll immediately be at the top of Recent within Newswire. As the story is Dugg, it’ll move up in the Trending rank within Newswire.

With the launched this amazing feature to enhance the user experience & by using this newswire feature you can easily get to know about who bury’s your submitted stories. This feature is also having some sections which gives you more probability to find out best stories from the web. Here is the introduction about some of the section in newswire:

  • Trending is ordered by stories’ popularity. They calculate the popularity of the submitted stories by looking at how many Diggs, Likes and Tweets it has, who has Dugg it,  the past quality of similar stories, and a handful of other signals.
  • Recent is ordered by when articles are submitted to Digg.

In addition to selecting a sort, there are more options for focusing your exploration:

  • Topic (like Technology or Politics) only shows stories within that category.
  • Media (Images, Videos or Text) filter stories by type of content.
  • Minimum Diggs (say 2, 5 or 25) only shows stories with at least that many Diggs.
  • Maximum Diggs (for example 10 or 50) only shows stories with at most that many Diggs.


There is one more option which is in the sidebar newswire activity feed which tells shows what other Diggers are doing in the Newswire. When you are inside the Newswire, your Diggs and your buries will show up in that module. There is also a full-page version of the Newswire Activity Feed which is a great list of stories Diggers are discovering. If you Digg or bury on other parts of Digg (be it Top News, a story’s comments page, or My News) they will not show up in the Newswire Activity Feed. Your actions outside of the Newswire will still impact Newswire Trending, but activity within the Newswire is given a much higher weight: with transparency comes influence.

With the launch of Digg v4 they have comes with the new feature but many diggers don’t like them & they leave it but the time changes now few days back they introduced the undigg feature i.e if you Digg any story accidentally then you can undigg it & yesterday with the launch of this new feature they gives the users an opportunity to find out best from the web. Let’s see how this new feature gives an impact to the users. Share your thought’s & opinions with us via comments that what do you think after launching this new feature news wire Digg gets back its old users or not.