Quite a lot of promoters exploit Google AdWords as their main PPC (Pay-Per-Click) system. Yet, besides using AdWords for receiving rewarded audience to your website, it can at the same time also be used for SEO purpose. I did a lot of research for this and ended up to some conclusions, which I am sharing below through which you can exploit AdWords for your website’s SEO.

How To Enhance Your Website’s SEO Through Google Adwords

  • Explore Targeted Keywords

The precious exploit of AdWords for SEO is to explore keywords. Keywords are the foundation of any SEO promotion and even though you are a professional in your field, you must constantly do research on keywords just for the reason that internet users often search for pretty unpredicted keywords and key phrases of which you as being a professional will not at all imagine. Unnecessary to say, high rankings can be achieved through keywords that are targeted towards your visitors that are searching for the specific item, not those keywords of which you as a professional believe are mainly famous in a certain niche.

So as to discover what users are looking for, you require a keyword explore tool. Though there are quite a lot of (free + paid) keyword research tools available but Google AdWords Keyword Tool is more reliable and authentic.

All you have to do is either insert the URL of your website or enter some main keywords; the tool will by itself spawn a complete group of recommended keywords. Observe the results and pick out all the keywords that appear appropriate and have an upright worldwide search level.

Like every other person you may perhaps desire to grade well for all the produced keywords, but it’s always best to focus all your exertions on chosen ones. The thought at this point is to discover keywords that are pretty simple to optimize and at the same time have an upright search number. These keywords would be the ones that have the smallest amount of competition in Google. Go to Google.com and enter each of your short listed keywords (one at a time).

Now that you have done a bit research on keywords and how they work, you can at this instant establish a SEO operation for your keywords however the below conclusions are must to follow!

  • Pick those keywords which pay you back well!

Once you have done selecting your keywords, you have to make sure if these keywords actually perform well for your website for instance if they can pay you back well or not. Regardless of how specific you’ve been when selecting your keywords, if you don’t bring them into the play and check them practically, you can not at all identify for sure if they perform fine or they don’t. You can select profitable keywords that have sky-scraping worldwide search number and small heights of competition and still end up to a dead-end!

Think of it like if there is a website which provides SEO tips and guides than many users landing to that website using “Search Engine Optimization” keywords may not be getting what they’re hunting for. As a replacement for, less significant and famous keywords, for example “SEO guidelines” or “SEO tutorials” could have lesser bounce rates and may perhaps really execute better than “Search Engine Optimization” keyword.

The outcome may not be quite shocking but the fee to be paid really will be. Now lets turn the whole thing around! Assume if that website had established an AdWords operation, then it would have been saved from various difficulties. They may well have washed-out $20-50 on AdWords for “Search Engine Optimization” keyword and it would have consumed a week or less to find that the bounce rate for this keyword is extremely soaring and it makes no logic to carry out natural SEO for it. This $20-50 spent on AdWords would have secured a year of devastated SEO hard works. Just think about that!

  • Target Geographically

Another fine utilization of AdWords for SEO is geo-targeting. If you proffer on audience from a lot of geographic places, you can employ Google Analytics to evaluate how diverse places pay. It is most likely to have momentous inconsistencies in the adaptations for the similar keyword among the countries.

When you visit Google Analytics and monitor which countries are paying on top, you can endow more exertion in them. For example, you can produce local pages for these countries or aim on the geo-definite keywords with remarkably fine exchange rates!

Well, folks these were the conclusions which you may benefit from. If you have any ideas regarding SEO do share them below in the comments! We welcome all J