If you enjoy the look of various hairstyles, but don’t have the patience or ability to grow out your hair, you can use hair extensions to change up your look. Although hair extensions are fake, there are ways to make them look natural.

A woman with short hair who misses having longer locks can use extensions to achieve her desired hairstyle without having to wait until her hair grows out. Extensions can not only add length to hair, but volume, shine, and bangs.

Here are ten different looks you can get by wearing hair extensions.

1. Bangs: Blow drying hair and clipping hair extensions from ear to ear at the front of the scalp can create a look with bangs. Curling the hair over the extension can help blend your hair. Headbands and hair accessories can help with the transition from hair to extension.

2. The long and straight look: Clip in long, straight extensions and brush the hair to mix the fibers with your natural hair.

3. Long side ponytail: Create this one with long, straight extensions pulled to the side.

4. A side bun: Wrap a side ponytail around the base of the bun, fasten with bobby pins, and add a faux bun extension for more volume.

5. Voluminous ponytail: Pull your natural hair back in a low bun and clip a curly ponytail extension piece on top.

6. High ponytail: Pull your natural hair into a ponytail and clip a hair extension piece. Most of these pieces come with extra faux hair to wrap around the base of the ponytail so it looks seamless.

7. Wavy hair: Curl your natural hair and brush out to create waves; and clip the extensions underneath, below the ears, and to the crown of the head. About five pieces in all are used for this look.

8. Curly bun: Pull the “wavy hair” look to the side and add an accessory to complete it.

9. Braided headband: Add a fake braided headband to the look and pull out a few framing pieces to help hide the extension.

10. Braid: Attach long, straight extensions under layers of your hair at the crown of the head, and then pull to the side and braid.

Hair extensions wear

Celebrities use these styles in their own hair to create new looks and a new persona, whether it’s for a role they have accepted in a film or TV project, or just because they feel they need to have a new iconic look.

The multiple hair styles that can be created may need more than one hair extension, and more than one kind of hair extension (long vs. wavy or straight). Collecting more than one hair extension can give a woman an endless choice of looks for her hair.