It doesn’t matter how much fond you are of your iPhone, still there will be many tricks which are hidden. IOS is such a complex system which is layered with features and you can’t get complete understanding to it unless you get a guide for it. Possibly these tips will be known for those who are stuck to IOS but they will help the newbie for sure.

Application Switcher:

In case you want to get an access to your recently opened application, you go to the home screen but to do this trick, you just need to tap the home button twice. By doing this you will see recently used and opened apps on the main page that pops up. Now if you want to see your apps history page, scroll to the right and you will get it. Easy, isn’t it?

Broken Apps? No Problem!

Usually when some application is broken or frozen, you have to restart your device to refresh your phone. It is possible without restarting your device. Another trick you see! Move to the home screen and tap the home button twice. As I have mentioned before it will reveal the list of recently opened apps, move to the app which you want to close. Touch and hold your finger on this app for a while. After doing this, re-launch this app from home screen and you will see it working refreshingly.

Got New Notification? Get into it instantly:

Do you know another interesting fact that you can directly jump to the app that has popped up any notification and needs your attention. Sometimes you just overview such notifications and forget to check them. You have to swipe down the display from the top and you will get access to notification drawer. Here you will get all unchecked notifications like unread messages, stock, weather updates, and Facebook notifications. You can change e the display of notifications from drawer’s setting.

Quick Access to Camera:

There are times when we miss a chance to take photo because it takes time to get access to the camera app. While you take out mobile from purse or pocket, unlock it and go to home screen to open camera, you miss the right moment. So you need quick access to cam, from the locked screen, tap the home button twice, then tap on camera icon which is appeared next to the unlock bar. Isn’t it quick? You don’t even need to unlock your phone.

A Secret Feature:

While having an iPhone, why people prefer to chat online? This is because there are emoticons in your text which can express your feelings better. Do you know, you can get this feature in IOS devices too? Surprised? Go to the general menu, under keyboard; there is a prompt for international keyboard and then ‘EMOJI’. You can now give detail to your text message by adding various cute smiley and all that. Isn’t that cool?