Haven’t you observed people complaining about short battery span for iPhone battery? We have collected some awesome tips for you to extract some more time from your gadget’s battery. Some of them are just on your tips right now and for some, you have to add a little more effort. Anyway, we assure you that if you will use these tips, you will have no worries of recharging your gadget more than once in a day.

Let’s start from some simple steps.

First of all we have to observe technically that which of the iPhone operations are consuming extra battery life? Well some of the listed are obviously doing so and few others are doubted. But it is for sure that if you will turn them off, you will definitely get better battery timing.

Turn of Location Services:

It is cool to get your locations traced but you don’t really know how much battery life this little thing is eating. GPS loves to consume battery so if you will turn it off, it will affect your phone’s battery positively.

Disable Push Mail:

Have you ever noticed that this mail application is so hard at your battery life while it is waiting for any new email? You can check your mail manually whenever you want but if you will keep this feature enabled; your iPhone’s battery will be empty so fast. So turn it off if you can afford to get notice of new email after few moments (when you check it manually).

Use Wi-Fi for Downloading:

If you are using 3g services to download your desired files, it is consuming extra battery life. Especially if you are downloading heavy files like updates, music, videos or any other big application, it’s better to use Wi-Fi for this purpose. It helps to download fast and also secures battery life. 3G’s battery radio consumes battery rapidly instead.

Disable Excessive Notifications:

Your device’s screen lightens up every time when you receive a notification. Some users love to keep notified about everything they are interested in but mostly they don’t get time to overview these notifications and they are regarded as useless signals which are hungry for your battery life so avoid the notifications you can manage without them. Go to your iPhone’s notification’s setting and turn off the extra notifications.

Multi Tasking:

If you have a long trail of tasks running, your battery will be consumed. So try to close all opened programs which are no longer needed. Keep a watch on your opened tasks and quit them properly when you don’t need them to be opened.

If you demand a little more:

Still if you need to manage more battery timing and you are not satisfied even after all those tips, try to arrange some extra battery and keep it in your pouch always. You must have a case for you iPhone. If you want to keep an extra battery, you should go for Mophie’s cases as they have an extra built in battery. You have to charge those devices individually but of course it’s not a bigger trouble than getting out of battery.

Also keep extra chargers everywhere you need them, in your office bag, your car, your office or wherever you go mostly. It will not increase your battery life but will definitely save you from getting into trouble if your phone will go out of charging somewhere.