One of the appealing factors of Google’s Android platform is the puzzle category for games. Whilst such titles are entertaining for countless hours on Android-powered Smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is another great platform for playing puzzle titles due to its screen resolution. Voiceable has compiled a list of the top 10 Samsung Galaxy Tab puzzle games.

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Best Samsung Galaxy Tab Puzzle Games:

10. X Construction:

CrossConstruct’s X Construction sees players building a bridge to allow a train to pass safely and successfully. Notable features of the game include:

  • Build mode
  • 26 levels
  • Online high score rankings

9. World of Goo:

Drag and drop living, talking, segments of goo in order to successfully build structures, bridges, cannonballs and more in the World of Goo. Notable features are:

  • Unique abilities for each goo
  • Online support
  • Various levels

8. The Moron Test:

In what’s turned out to be one of the most addictive and simplistic games available on the Samsung Galaxy Tablet, The Moron Test delivers:

  • Global Leaderboards
  • Various sections
  • Achievements

7. Where’s My Water?:

Disney’s Where’s My Water? Sees protagonist Swampy the Alligator living within the sewers under the city. Features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab game include:

  • Fluid physics
  • Collectibles
  • Bonus levels

6. Dungeon Raid:

The Dungeon Raid Dungeon is a title which challenges one’s strategy skills to the limit with players being exposed to the following features:

  • Purchase and upgrade weapons
  • 77 achievements
  • Over 400 items

5. The Lost City:

Fire Maple Games’ The Lost City is one of the finest puzzle, as well as an adventure game currently available on the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Features are:

  • Point and click
  • Dynamic map
  • Hint guide and walk-through

4. Sprinkle:

Medicore’s Sprinkle sees players utilizing a water cannon to face fires, spinning wheels and the moving of obstacles, as well as the following:

  • Water physics
  • Puzzles
  • 72 levels

3. Bejeweled 2:

Electronic Arts’ Bejeweled 2 is one of the more popular and indeed quality games regarding puzzle matching titles. Notable inclusions are:

  • Combos
  • Endless play mode
  • Classic mode

2. Cut the Rope:

With more than 60 million downloads, Cut the Rope sees players cutting ropes for a  little monster entitled Om Nom. Notable features are:

  • Swipe function
  • Admirable graphics
  • Collect stars

1. Quell:

It’s fairly rare to see a five star rated game available on the Android marketplace. FallnTreeGame’s Quell has achieved just that with:

  • Zen puzzler
  • More than 80 levels
  • Custom-written soundtrack