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12 Best Employee Scheduling Software

A perfect employee scheduling software is a must in so that the employees in the organization always remain happy and motivated. The scheduling job is not at all any easy task. It takes hours and sometimes even days to make a proper schedule for your employees. The task of scheduling should be accurate so that the qualified personnel is placed at the right place and at the right time and according to their nature of the job they should get proper payroll and should not be forced to do overtime as well.

So, many large organizations, in order to make proper scheduling of the employees use certain software which makes their scheduling a very easy going task. Dozens of employee scheduling software are available online which are compatible enough for almost all kinds of organizations and are so flexible that you can make a schedule from 5 employees up to 15000 employees at a time. The software available is quite cheap and affordable and the companies selling them also offer great discounts depending on the size of the organization.

After downloading the software, you just need to select the categories of which you want to prepare a schedule like Human Resource and Payroll are you are sorted. This software is much more convenient and user-friendly than the Google Docs and Microsoft Excel and of course reduces your paperwork making your task hassle free. This software is all according to the law and regulations laid down for the employees. So, here we are providing you a list of the best employee scheduling software that will make your work easy.

12 Best Employee Scheduling Software:-

  1. Humanity

employee scheduling software

Humanity is quite a user-friendly employee scheduling software which helps you prepare your daily schedule at work within minutes. Companies like Kohl’s and Chipotle use the Humanity software to make their company’s schedules. This software instead of maintaining a record separately like in spreadsheets maintains everything in one schedule i.e. staff and time management in one schedule. It is available for all kinds of organizations whether big or small.


  1. Work Schedule

employee scheduling software

Work Schedule is one of the leading employee scheduling software companies. This software is quite easy to access and can make the schedules regarding the employees, their attendance, and their payroll. Various renowned companies like Hershey’s Chocolate World, CNN, General Electric, etc use the Work Schedule software for their company’s scheduling. It has also been awarded as the best scheduling software as well. Log on to


  1. Zoom Shift

employee scheduling software

Zoom Shift is an ideal kind of an employee scheduling software for your company. It is compatible with almost all kinds of organizations and is quite flexible as well. Due to its flexibility feature, you can view your scheduling daily, weekly and even monthly. With the help of scheduling, the budget of wages and hours is automatically prepared. You can also build up your schedule templates which you can access anytime.


  1. Ximble

Ximble is one of the most powerful employees scheduling software. The features of the software include time management, staff management and of course the best feature is one can communicate through any device. The software is extremely cheap and the scheduling under this is the most accurate one with the best speed and easy accessibility. Through the Ximble Scheduling software, the company will place the right person in the right job and at the right time. The design of the software is amazing and the best thing is that it reduces the labor costs on a large scale which in turn reduces the company’s expenses as well.


  1. Snap Schedule

employee scheduling software

Snap Schedule is cloud-based employee scheduling software which is used by various companies like Magna, MTM, Metro, Ralph & Lauren, Penn Medicine and much more. Compatible with all kinds of industries, this software manages all kinds of scheduling related to the HR of the company. Its 365 Cloud Based Online Scheduling software has some really innovative features like reducing all kinds of costs especially labor costs, reducing time or time management, an extensive increase in the production work, etc. This software actually lets you manage your work whether you are at work or home. By reducing the paper and administrative work, this scheduling software makes the employees of the company more hyperactive and motivated towards their work.


  1. Time Forge

employee scheduling software

If you want your employee scheduling to be hassle free, then Time Forge is the perfect software for you. This employee scheduling software actually reduces your paperwork to zero and you don’t need to maintain separate spreadsheets for different schedules under Microsoft Excel. Compatible with almost all kinds of firms, this software lets you get access to your work anytime anywhere. It has an Auto Scheduler System which can prepare a schedule within a few seconds which in turn saves your time, reduces costs and leads to good profit in future. It also has a feature that you can send daily or weekly emails to your employees regarding their respective schedules in order to keep them updated. Other features comprise of less employee turnover, timely notification of conflicts in schedules and of course proper return on the investment. For more information, log on to


  1. When To Work

employee scheduling software

This is another employee scheduling software available online and is trust by big brands all over the world. This software provides you a quite easy access to scheduling anytime and anywhere, plus it reduces scheduling conflicts and of course paperwork so there is no room for human error. By using this software, you are able to get timely notifications regarding schedules of employees and can even notify the employees about their shift timings as well. This software has a unique feature called ‘Auto Fill’ which lets you make the perfect schedules and helps you to save time and avoids conflicts. It is kind of quite flexible as well as you can make changes yourself or you can ask your employees to make any kind of changes in the schedule.


  1. Zip Schedules

employee scheduling software

It is quite user-friendly software and is powerfully design to make your company’s scheduling the perfect one. It reduces the complexity which is a face while preparing employee schedules in Excel Spreadsheets. You can even make templates of your daily access schedules in order to save time and you can also copy the old employee schedule to the current one if no changes are to be make instead of making a new schedule all over again. This software is also available in the form of an app for mobile phones on Android as well as App Store so that proper communication can be there with the employees.


  1. Track Smart

employee scheduling software

Track Smart employee scheduling software provides you with a 14 day free trial before buying it officially for your company. It has some really amazing features like time-saving, instant schedule creation, the schedule created gets automatically save and yes it also lets you know as when and who is accessing the schedule anytime anywhere. Through accurate scheduling, the employees feel happy and motivated as well which in turn increases the level of productivity.


  1. Planday

employee scheduling software

Fed up of the outdated Excel spreadsheets, then try this amazing employee schedule software which prepares accurate schedules for the company’s employees especially their payrolls, attendance, and timings of shifts. This software lets you make the best managerial decisions for the company which in turn helps to earn more profit by reducing costs and hence achieving the objective of the company. Through this software, one gets to supervise the working of employees properly. The schedules can be prepared within no time and you can get access to your work anytime anywhere.


  1. Schedule Base

employee scheduling software

This software is compatible with almost all kinds of businesses like banks, casinos, catering and events, hotels, franchises, construction, etc. and is used by big brands like The UPS Store, Royal Gate, Clothes Mentor and much more. The schedules under this software are created quite fast and easily. You just need to follow four simple steps. Firstly, send an invitation to the staff to be a part of the scheduling system, secondly, start preparing schedules, then finally post the schedules and timely inform the employees by sending them notifications in their mobile through the mobile app of the software available at App Store and Google Play store.


  1. Deputy

employee scheduling software

Deputy software provides you with the best online employee scheduling software trusted by various brands like Wagepoint, Gusto, Paychex, Sage, etc.  The app is available for both Android and iPhone. Under this software, you can make accurate schedules at various locations and can even add newly recruited employees in the schedule whenever required. You can send daily notifications to your employees via mail or SMS about their shifts or schedule timings keep them timely updated.

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