People always want such application which can make their task easier, their search better and the access to the needed items comfortable and faster. Life is becoming lightening fast and people need efficiency in every way. Things can be accessed in seconds instead of minutes. Here I’m going to mention an application which surely helps to reduce working time at Mac. Alferd is a great tool for accessing various things a lot better and easier than ever before. People want to use their frequently used items as shortcuts on iPhone because shortcuts are the most efficient way to access things in second. Launch center is a one stop shop where a lot of shortcuts can be accessed in seconds through shortcuts and you will get an even better experience on iPhone.

Setting up Launch Center:

Launch center works by taking the most frequently used applications from iPhone and putting them in an application which is easy to use.  First time when you get into it, you are given various shortcuts that can be set according to your choice and need. As you can guess by its name, it’s the main screen app which contains all of your shortcuts on your fingertips. Firstly, there are main phone shortcuts like text message, mail and speed dials. These shortcuts are self defined. Like at speed dial, you can create a shortcut called ‘Mom’ containing your mother’s number to dial quickly.

Secondly, this app is having shortcuts for your most favorite social networks like Facebook, twitter, gtalk etc. you can easily compose a tweet or a Facebook message. Isn’t it cool? It could be more if one message can be dropped at both networks at the same time, may be we must wait for the next application to be launched.

Another important shortcut is which offers to launch some specific website, of course with one tap. Several websites can be bookmarked where you visit frequently. It’s just like the chrome browser frequently used website’s tabs.  Good thing is that these shortcuts are really easily manageable and editable. The applications, websites and many other things which you use frequently can be put to shortcuts in few easy steps. Another nice thing is that instead of having a big list of most wanted things at main pages, you will only need the launch center button to collect all your desired shortcuts at one place, which will make your main screen neat and not messy at all.

I hope you will find Launch Center worthy than $0.99 which you will pay for that.

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