Did you know there are websites which are damn useful but not known by internet users (or even you)? There really are websites that are designed for special purposes. But if you search for them it will take a lot of time so we made your job easier by short listing the below 5 useful websites that you should be familiar with, take a look at them:

5 useful websites that you should be familiar with

5. Wizard of Odds (Gambling tutorial portal)


Wizard of odds is a website meant for gamblers who need to study and learn great tactics of gambling to beat down the assholes. On this website, gamblers can find the best tutorials and gambling strategies of casino card games to avoid losing buckets of money in casinos. Beginners are also recommended to use this website, as if you would like to play a game of Blackjack then this website gives you the right tutorials and strategies through which you will be able to play with more winning chances involved. This website has also got details of games that are played in casino to let you know their different weak points and plus points so that you can choose the game according to your odds.

4. Lite Facebook

Social media sites like Facebook, twitter and Orkut are damn heavy sites that make it a complex task for users to monitor the friends’ activity and things happening around. If you are using Facebook just for stalking friends and hanging with them, you should try Lite Facebook which has cut down the original AJAX-heavy sidebars and interface modules that are present on the normal Facebook site, to make things fast. Moreover your screen won’t be filled with useless game/apps requests and other clutters to make the environment clean and minimalistic. Hang out with your friends where nothing else bothers you!

3. App Sumo

App Sumo is an application portal made for business owners/industrialists who want to download applications that come handy for their business. This is a great app portal where entrepreneurs can find the best deal for business apps that help in different aspects. Moreover, this website offers a lifetime guarantee on applications.

2. DemoScene TV


Video viewers who want instant loading content should try DemoScene TV where you will find hi-fi videos delivered in real-time having small file sizes that load them quickly.  This is a great substitute for YouTube for video geeks who want to watch videos that don’t take much time to load. This video portal is best for computers having slow configurations and dial-up internet connections or slow internet connectivity. You can also watch HD videos on DemoScene TV to take pleasure of the real-life quality.

1. So you wanna

So you wanna is a perfect place for learners who are in a constant search of new topics and tutorials on different things. This website is the best advisor for users who want to study new topics and get different updates. With the help of this website, you come across different things and get to learn new ideas for making you a person who knows everything!

These were the 5 websites that you should know about. I am damn sure you would have never come across these websites (or, maybe) but this is the best deal for internet users, I can bet it! What are your opinions guys?