Taking a backup of the data that you are using for your work on the internet is one of the most important things that one must do. The main reason for this is the fact that there might just be a disturbance at any point of time and there might very well be some loss of data. This might be very simple for you to listen but get me straight, I have suffered dues to such losses and this can be a real pain. You will never actually come to know that how can such a small error in the judge result in such a loss!

Thus, it is extremely important to be a part of the storage facilities that are there for you on the internet. You can very well say that you keep a back up on the computer but even there exists a chance of getting lost. Most of the best online organizations make sure that they keep a track of the data backup online.

Online Data Backup services

15 Useful Free Services To Create Online Data Backup:

1. Sugarsync

sugarsync Online Data Backup

This is the first of the many options that you have for creating an online data backup. Sugarsync.com is of the most favored and used online storage facilities that are favored by all. The kind of features that sugarsync.com provides for the people who use the facility of online storage is outstanding. There is no hassle in order to claim the connection to your account and thus you can effectively get access to your data anytime that you wish for it! To add to this, there is no stringent policy for allocation of space. The allocation plans are quite simple and comes with affordable prices as well.

2. CX : Online Data Backup

CX Online Data Backup

CX.com is also a part of the many online web storage unit that work in tandem to store that data that you have in order to make sure that you do not suffer from any losses. Cx.com is also one of those sites and is surely one of the most favored sites as well /considering the kind of user reviews that it has. The storage wall of Cx.com can also be accessed using some of the mobile applications on IOS and Android making its reach redefined in a completely different way! The user interface is quite simple and allows you to like this facility instantly you use it!

3. Adrive

ADrive Online Data Backup

Adrive.com is yet another storage location found on the internet with the ability to store all the data that you have without any hassle. The main feature that makes these sites useful is that there is no risk of losing the data as everything is stored in a secure way. To add to that Adrive.com provides you with the choice of the kind of storage facility that you need and depending on that choice, you are allowed the location and thus the price differs as well. Adrive.com is one of the most used online data backup service with various storage locations with a good reputation.

4. DropBox

Dropbox Online Data Backup

As the name suggests in itself, you can literally drop of everything you need and everything that you do not need in this box and get sure that nothing will happen to your data. Each and everything that you store in the drop box is stored under layers of supervision so that no data theft is done. To add to this you can also share your data without being required to download the data on your device. Now that is some cool stuff as there is no hassle on your device.

5. Gladinet

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The online storage product at Gladinet.com is one of the major products that the organization provides along with the promise of protection of data. The best feature of gladinet.com is the feature that enables the data to be stored under secured conditions. The organization works is collaboration with Google and thus one can seriously realize the gravity of the work that they promise. There is a lot of offers to choose from and use their storage facility according to your choice or requirements.

6. DriveHQ

DriveHQ Online data backup services

Well, we all are very well aware of the term named drive as we see a lot of them on our computers as well. DriveHQ is also of a similar kind but with the feature, which allows the technology of cloud computing to provide you with the best possible features of online storage without any hassle. The main feature, which makes DriveHQ as one of the most favored online data backup storage spots for the users, is the fact that it does not charge anything extra if you are using more than one personal computer with one single connection.

7. Wuala

Wuala Online data backup services

For people who are just in ways to use the cloud storage facility to keep extremely important documents then let me tell you that Wuala is one of the very best in the business! The best feature about Wuala is the fact that it provides a free 5 GB storage space to all its users. Once you download the basic system of Wuala. It allows you to back up your data and at the same time uses the extremely good security system to protect your data. According to the ratings from the people, Wuala is one of the best online data backup storage sites for beginners.

8. Sky Drive

SkyDrive Online data backup services

Well, I do not think that I need to speak anything about Sky Drive from Microsoft. This is a product of the Microsoft, which speaks tons about the system itself. The best feature of Sky Drive is that it allows you an application, which can be used to access your data anytime on any device that you are using. In order to use Sky Drive, you do not need to go through any hassles. All you need is a Microsoft account, which can be used for all Microsoft products. Well if you do not have one, it is high time that you get down to creating a Microsoft account.

9. iDrive


The idrive has been yet another online storage facility that can be effectively used for the purpose of allowing you the liberty to have secured data storage facilities for creating a backup of all your work. Idrive has its own applications for Windows, Android, Mac and Linux. This feature of easy accessibility makes Idrive as one of the most favored online backup solutions for internet users. There are plans of pricing which will suit the needs of the people so that everyone can use it for their benefit.

10. SpiderOak

SpiderOak Online Data Backup services

SpiderOak is one of the most secure online data backup facility available for the people. SpiderOak gives a free storage space of 2 GB for every user who signs up. People might say that the size of the free storage area is not that great but with the kind of security and professionalism, that SpiderOak displays. SpiderOak also allows you to synchronize your data with the data that you have in your PC with the applications that it has. In addition, believe me when I say, it is very easy. The features that SpiderOak shows have earned him the title of one of the most favored online backup sites.

11. FlipDrive


When we are talking about online data storage places on the internet let, us not forget the FlipDrive zone. FlipDrive is one of the most favored online storage locations because of the fact that It not allows us to store the data that we want but it also allows us to share the data when and where required. Not a lot of online storage sites allow this feature. FlipDrive can be used to store literally everything starting from important documents to files that are extremely special to you. FlipDrive has a different price tag on literally all the sections depending on the kind of requirement that one has.

12. Fbackup


Fbackup is yet online storage equipment that is rendered to the internet users. You can store any and everything that you want and then forget about it. There is no special requirement in order to own a location on the cloud storage of FbackUp. Fbackup has a quite simple background system and allows the user to get through the phase of installation very easily. This is the very reason why Fbackup has been chosen to work with many people all over the globe. FBackUp is also famous because of the fact that it stores the data is the ZIP file format which protects the data from being being corrupted.

13. Mega File Upload

mega file upload

Mega File Upload is one of the major uploading and shared sites of all kinds of data. The best part of the system is the unlimited space that it has for its people and the kind of support that it gives. There is literally no restriction on the kind of file that you can upload on Mega File Upload provided, that you follow the right way. This is one of the most secured storage sites all over the internet. There are many such storing and sharing sites like Mega File Upload but it is ranked first in the list.

14. My Other Drive

My Other Drive

My Other Drive is one of the places that you would absolutely love to visit provided those have a complete separate life on the internet. You can store everything that you wish for at the storage facility allotted to you on MotherDrive. To add to this Mother Drive also supports sharing of data and files between the users of Mother Drive itself, which also creates a kind of social atmosphere all around your work.

15. AllwaySync : Online Data Backup

AllwaySync Online Data Backup

AllwaySync is one of the best sync tools available on the internet for the storage of data. Allwaysync completes a perfect synchronization between the data and the settings that you follow. The kind of security that Allwsysync provides to its customers is also one of the main features for the extensive growth of the system. According to the users, Allwaysync is one of the most reliable and useful tools for use by most of the people for creating an online data backup.