Mac users are purchasing new applications daily. There are thousands of software reviews which you can go through and select some good ones for you. Productivity software and full version 3d games are increasing in numbers day by day and it’s a bit confusing situation to choose any good one. Well, as much as the games are concerned, they can be chosen by their category like hunting, racing, adventure or arcade but to choose a reliable productivity software as there are dozens for a single purpose, is a bit perplexing thing. Here we have collected 5 must have software for Mac users which they will never regret to have, rather it’s tough to live without them after once having them.

5. Google Chrome:

Let’s take a start from web browser. It is a fact that everyone browsing online wants a reliable software for browsing which can keep the browsing history, downloads, broken downloaded files, favorite websites and all the most visited sites managed and easy to access. Moreover it must have cool features like auto completion of URL, quick access tabs, auto upgrading and all that. Google chrome is packed with all the most wanted stuff and it is light and fast at the same time. Another thing to mention is that its sync ability does work a lot between different Macs. It’s a freeware so you must get one for you.

4. Sparrow:

It’s a light, fast and neat email client of Mac. It comes with the cleanest interface which is easy to use for even the managed and simplest person using Mac. It is originally powered by Gmail like you can use it for any email provider but it looks like it is made for Gmail and Google apps. I’m using it personally as my Mac email client. Price is 9.99$ and it is available at Mac App Store.

3. Dropbox:

Dropbox is a synchronizing application which has ended the tension of changing, shifting and synchronizing files for Mac, Windows and Linux.  The synchronizing procedure is as fast as you can find the changes on your computer in just a blink. You can also access all of your files even if you are working online as all the files are kept locally. It’s a program which everybody must have to end up their tension with synchronization. It’s free for 2 GB and for 50 GB its 99.95$ yearly.

2. Divvy:

It’s you little manager which manages all of the open windows and applications. Sounds like a small task but it really functions greatly to make you Mac experience smooth and even better. When you activate your little agent either by giving keyboard command or clicking, an overlay appears allowing you to place the things where ever you want them to stay. If you are used to of working on many windows at a time, or your desktop screen is stuffed with various application windows, Divvy will do the great job for you. It is available for only 13.99$ at Mac App Store.

1. Text Expender:

It is also a tiny application with great featuring. It works in the background of your Mac quietly. Using this, you may enter snipplets, little text hrases that will expand to the full text for which they are created whenever you need. Confused? It’s simple, for example you have to use any phrase or text again and again during your work, you will set a code for that, like your email id is and you are creating a small code of ‘star’ for it, every time when you will write star@ it will automatically shift into full ID you have entered in that. You may also keep photos in snipplets, or anything you need, In fact everything. It is really worthy for saving your time to type lots of text. It is available for 29.99$ at app store.