As 2011 draws to a close, the rise of applications entering the Android market, as well as existent ones have been delivering quality all over the board. VOICEABLE has compiled a list of the top 10 best Android apps of 2011.

10. Barcode Scanner

The scanning of barcodes can be carried out by Android devices; a useful tool to have at one’s disposal for various purposes such as checking the price of the scanned item. Notable features for Barcode Scanner include:

  • QR code can be utilized to share contacts
  • Data Matrix, as well as QR codes can be scanned
  • Contacts, applications and bookmarks can be shared with QR code

9. Gmail :Best Android Apps of 2011

Google Mail’s dominance in the email market has been impressive; beating out competitors such as Hotmail and Yahoo, Google boasts a massive user base due to the brand and the simplicity and speed associated with Gmail itself. Notable features for the application consists of:

  • Multiple Gmail accounts can be accessed
  • Synced messages viewable offline
  • All messages can be searched

8. TweetDeck :Best Android Apps of 2011

As Twitter continues to be a dominating force in the social networking market, the company bought the ever-popular TweetDeck which has also seen a transition to various platforms including Android. Notable features for the application are:

  • Users can send updates, as well as retweet
  • Mentions and direct messages can be viewed
  • Notification feature upon receiving Tweets, etc.

7. Opera Mini :Best Android Apps of 2011

Opera was and still remains one of the best browsers you could find in the browser field. Sure, it’s been outpaced by the likes of Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox but it still boasts its own qualities; so much so that an Android application based on the browser has come into fruition with features including:

  • A clean, simplistic interface
  • Users can pinch-to-zoom
  • Synchronize bookmarks support

6. Famigo Sandbox :Best Android Apps of 2011

A great tool and extremely useful one at that for parents, Famigo Sandbox ensures the Android device is safe for kids. Features for the application features:

  • Filters applications appropriately
  • Personal information protected
  • In-app purchases blocked

5. Dropbox :Best Android Apps of 2011

With Dropbox, all you have to do is upload any of your files such as photos, documents, and videos onto a Dropbox account to which it’ll then be available for download on an Android device. Features for Dropbox include:

  • Documents can be edited
  • Share contents with family and friends
  • Save photos, as well as videos to your Dropbox

4. Documents To Go

An essential tool to view and edit Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint Files, Documents To Go supports .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx., as well as the addition of the following features:

  • Edit and view several Microsoft Office-related entities
  • Password protect files
  • Support for attachments

3. SPB Shell 3D :Best Android Apps of 2011

SPB Shell 3D delivers a next-generation user interface that is useful and indeed simplistic in all attributes for the application. Notable additions for the app are:

  • 3D Home screen and launcher
  • Smart folders included
  • 3D widgets inclusion

2. Google Maps :Android Apps of 2011

Google Maps is undoubtedly one of, of not the best navigation application available on the Android. Features for the useful utility are:

  • A voice-guided GPS navigation system
  • Users can find, rate, and get recommendations for places
  • Several views included: Traffic, Satellite and Street view

1. Advanced Task Killer

An Android powered device can be filled with applications that are simply not needed and become an unnecessary cause of slowness for the platform, as well as other negative effects. Advanced Task Killer combats exactly that by featuring:

  • An ignore list feature
  • Applications can be auto killed
  • Item height is customizable