iPhone 4 has not only bringing changes to App Store as new applications are launching day by day, it’s also increasing the accessories marketing. IPhone cases are the main concentration for those who are using this cool gadget. Buying an expensive gadget increases the tension of keeping it safe and secured from dust, scratches and moist and keeping all these points in mind, marketers are launching cool iPhone cases daily. We have gathered some of the smartest cases for you.

5. Bubble Slider Case:

This case comes in pink, blue, red, black and white finish. It is so light weight as it is made of polycarbonate with a finish like golf ball. This gives it a cute cool look and its color variety allows both boys and girls to choose this one easily. Well, we will not suggest this casing for those who want a superior protection because this case doesn’t gives maximum protection. It’s good for those who want style!

Price: 35$ (available at iStore)

4. Metalic Case Elite Series:

Boldly made of Anodized plastic, this cool case comes in a metallic finish. One can hardly say that it’s made of plastic and not metal. It is also in a very light weight and adds magnificent and luxurious look to iPhone. An expensive gadget like iPhone truly deserves a fabulous look even if it is covered in a case.

Price 25$

3. Dry Case:

It is something which gives your iPhone the best protection, especially if you are planning to visit some watery spot. It’s a big trouble if your expensive gadget drops onto water. So why not spending some money to give it a protector like dry case? Hey, isn’t this amazing that you can use your iPhone in pool too? All what you need is to put your phone in this case, lock it and then use the manual pump to suck the air out. This hand sucking pump comes with the pouch. By doing this the touch of the screen will work easily. This case has a pass through for ear pieces and also a moveable arm band for when you are using it during workout. Well, it doesn’t mean for style.

Price: 40$

2. Vapor 4 Bumper:

So here you have got the almost best for your iPhone. These bumper series will cost you a lot more than ordinary ones as those are just packed with style and protection. The cases you views above were missing at least one of these elements. Vapor 4 is made of aluminum and it will protect your phone maximally. Though it is not a water proof sort of thing but it comes for the protections of dings. Also the key marks which are made possibly on the sides of your phone if you put it in pocket with keys. Your worries are going to an end with this stylish looking aluminum protector of your iPhone. Good thing is that it comes in many beautiful colors.

Price: 80$

1. Grove Bamboo:

This stylish case is .07 inches thin. This cool and stylish case comes to protect the full back of your iPhone. The good thing is that it is also available in a variety of colors, not only a common bamboo color. You may get it in a bit higher price. Its thinness prevents your gadget to get a bulky look. You can trust this casing for style and protection.

Price: 59$