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Dragon’s Dogma Xbox Game [Review]

The RPG action game by Capcom: “Dragon’s Dogma” is one of the most interesting games I have ever played in my life. It has vigorous action-oriented gameplay and a pioneering Pawn method that allows a player to recruit avatars made by others who are playing to fight

Grand Slam Tennis II [Review]

Those who have gone through the experience of playing Grand Slam Tennis when it was firstly released, it presented like a cartoony sort of graphics. EA sports games have been quite famous for their professional looks and serious gameplay so it was a bit low than its

Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy Tab Puzzle Games

One of the appealing factors of Google’s Android platform is the puzzle category for games. Whilst such titles are entertaining for countless hours on Android-powered Smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is another great platform for playing puzzle titles due to its screen resolution. Voiceable has compiled a

Top 10 Best Free Apps For Video Calling on Android

Android-powered devices have exceeded Apple’s IOS devices if activation figures are anything to go by: Google’s platform has exceeded 250,000 activations, the amount held by IOS products. With the Android so popular now, its video calling capabilities are an appealing factor for the platform. Voiceable has compiled a

Top 10 Best Apps to Watch TV on Android

Android is a platform that’s popular partly due to the diversity of applications available on its Marketplace; one of which is watching television on. With streaming becoming mainstream now, watching TV on Android is as easier as it has ever been. Voiceable has compiled a list of the top

Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy Tab Games

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has been a driving force for the company in terms of its revenue. During 2011, the company exceeded over $40 billion, undoubtedly with a significant proportion pertaining to the Android-powered tablet. VOICEABLE has compiled a list of the top 10 best Samsung Galaxy Tab games.

Top 10 Best Free Android Action Games

Android’s marketplace is home to hundreds of thousands of applications. One of the most popular categories for Google’s mobile platform operating system is indeed games and one of the more popular subsections of said category is action games. VOICEABLE has a compiled a list of the top

Google Online Music Store

Google, the hot favorite of uncountable web surfers have launched an online store for listening and downloading your favorite music at PCs, phones and tablets. Now a day web surfing has became so easy due to different internet connections which are going cheap. 3G is increasing day

Top 10 Best Free Android Book Apps

Image Credit: Flickr There are two kinds of people on the face of this earth who is in love with books. The first group is the scholars; the real bookworm for whom knowledge is everything and the second class of people are the ones who do not

Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2012

2011 has seen the release of countless titles which have boasted a high quality in the form of sequels to stellar franchises. 2012, meanwhile, is due to deliver the same quantity and quality of games. VOICEABLE has compiled a list of the top 10 most anticipated games