To tell you the fact, Mac systems really are sluggish! And regardless of your best efforts all you see is a slow working Mac eventually. Not to worry folks, because we have gathered the best tips through which you can speed up your Mac without upgrading your hardware configuration and listed them below. These tips don’t require you to upgrade your hardware configuration, you just need to play with the software side and see your Mac working with significant speed like never before:

How to Speed Up Your Mac Without Hardware Upgrade

Tip#1: Clean your desktop and startup items

Desktop stuffed with shortcuts and useless icons tends to perform slower as compared to a clean one. The speed of your Mac is greatly affected and is associated with the number of icons present on the desktop, so always try your max to keep it clean.

Besides, a number of applications automatically (or when prompted) set themselves as a “startup application”, because of which they open on every boot or account login. You can control this by heading over to the Apple Menu > System Preferences > Accounts > Login Items. Remove them by tapping over the applications you want to restrict and click on the “minus” sign that is situated at the bottom of the application list.

Tip#2: Use multiple accounts

Using multiple accounts is the best method to prioritize your work and keep things smooth. Consider using more than one user account on your Mac, one for miscellaneous stuff and the latter for heavy tasks which should be containing less applications and clutter so that it works fast.

Tip#3: Use normal wallpaper

Animated wallpapers no doubt look good but they tend to use a lot of system memory hence slowing down the speed of your Mac. Therefore avoid using animated desktop backgrounds for your Mac; instead use simple/static wallpaper.

Tip#4: Upgrade your Mac software frequently

New software has new improvements so always consider upgrading your Mac software frequently to get the latest goodies and perks. As to what has been concluded, every new version of the OS X that comes is faster and more efficient than the last in terms of overall speed and stability. The same thing you need to do for your applications. Always update your driver and application versions to keep things smooth.

Tip#5: Keep your Mac cool

A cool Mac will always perform well! Keep your Mac away from heat and congested situations to avoid excessive exhaustion, and see the difference.

Tip#6: Consider turning universal access, speech recognition, Bluetooth and internet sharing off

Check in your system preferences to turn your Mac features such as universal access, speech recognition, Bluetooth and internet sharing off if you think they are running for no reason and you don’t need them. These applications run in the background and hugely affect on the performance of your Mac. This will help you save a lot of system memory hence making your Mac speedier and powerful than before.

These were the best tips through which you can speed up your Mac without upgrading its hardware configuration. If you have some of your own tested tips, do share with us in the comments below!