The resident Evils fans got screamed with joy when operation Racoon City was announced last year. This famous game has been over game lovers’ mind since it was originated as a play station game. But if you overview the gameplay footages, you might be disappointed to see the new directions. There are many rudiments incorporated from Epic games. Operation Racoon City happens somewhere around the Resident Evil 2 & 3. In this upcoming game play, you will be playing around as one of the six elite soldiers. All of them will be mastered in different skills e.g. stealth, medical, observation and physical attacking. The team is named Delta team. You can choose who of those six you will be and also your three allies. Racoon City is a best multiplayer game with no less than real shooting and endurance of horror. You and your force are assigned to find the T-Virus which is turning people into zombies. The main action of this game is based on shooting; you have the task to kill survivors.


Before you begin the task, you will be offered to customize your abilities like your strength of dealing more damages, specialized bullets, weapons (machine guns, shotguns, snipers and others) this customization allows you to perform better in the game. One thing more, your weapons’ will not be limited as you will be offered more as the levels of game progress.

The shooting technicalities match ‘Gears of War’. Take cover, pop out when get chance and shoot. All the game play revolves around this action. There are tons and tons of zombies everywhere and you have to kill them. Players can lose their life by bleeding or by turning into zombies getting infected by T-Virus. Zombies are of various kinds. Hunters resemble huge reptiles and they can kill you by licking. G-Birkins make sudden blood freezing appearances.


Another amazing feature is that your buddies can back you up with their set skills for the game. For example Bertha who is the Medic of game and she works to cure T-Virus, she may also support you by inducing T-Virus’s infection on you. Surprised? You need to get this induced because the induced players need to be cured before they ultimately turn into zombies and attack you. For some time, your body will remain untouchable (except your head) so you may attack enemies without lots of tension.

There are some flaws in the game, for example the graphic of this game are not that much improved as we may expect from Resident Evil series. Well, the Racoon City will definitely offer a tremendous gameplay. The reviews promises to present incredible gameplay and we are anxiously waiting for 20th March 2012.