Google+ Introduces Gaming Feature

In the last few days Google has done everything to pull Facebook down in the social networking after the launch his Google+ project. In the last week we have already written a post in which Google mentioned that they have increased the speed of Google+1 button &

Top 10 Free Gaming Apps For Android

Last week we posted about top Android apps for social networking & we got an ultimate response. Now, It’s time to have some fun with your Android device for which it is known for. You might have played many different games on your android although we are

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Digg Launched New Feature: Newswire Beta

Digg one of the best social networking site among all social networks. At Digg all stories are submitted by users, then upvoted by users. With the launch of v4 Digg has three sections top news, my news & upcoming but yesterday Digg comes out with huge update

How To Identify An Internet Troll