Google Launches Offline Versions of Gmail, Calendar & Docs

Yesterday, Google has rolled out an interesting but useful update that they are launched the new app for its users which is being called offline version of Gmail, Calender & Docs. The main purpose behind this is that they have introduced the mo. of ways to use

AT&T to get the LG Thrill 4G/Optimus 3D by 4th of September

AT&T went step ahead and stretched the contemporary loom to immodest by posting on Twitter that the LG Thrill 4G will be presented on September 4th. Actually it’s the same LG Optimus 3D but with a different name as to what the carrier name’s it. Here’s the

Samsung Galaxy S II outstands in Smart Phones

Samsung has released its Android Smartphone just a few months back in 2011. It is said to be the second dual core smart phone in the world ever. It’s descendant of the Samsung Galaxy S. WVGA super Amoled 4.3 inches screen for display is surprisingly large that

A Handful of Leaked Shots Reveal the Mighty HTC Vigor

Previously the mighty HTC Vigor was revealed via benchmark scores, and now it has made another appearance and this time along with a couple of pictures, demonstrating the complete face and rear areas. Judging by the exterior appearance the HTC Vigor does look somewhat identical to the

Nokia N9: A Beautiful Addition in N-Series

Nokia has obliged its customers with the most outstanding N series of cell phones ever. The features and specifications are really just out of this world. It comes with style and the elegance it offers is really mouth-watering for all mobile phone lovers. Nokia comes with the

An Ode To Steve Jobs [INFOGRAPHIC]

The State of SMS Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Mobile Marketing is a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network. Marketing on a mobile phone has become increasingly popular ever since the rise of SMS (Short Message Service) in

The State of Digital Education [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Internet has already disrupted many major industries. It’s poised to transform education, too.Here, We found an interesting Infographic which tells about the state of Digital Education & how it affects you & the people’s around you. Let’s share your thoughts & opinions about Digital Education through

How To Make a Website : 7 Important Steps to Make Money Online

Before I get you into the matter  “How to Make a Website ?“, A question arises for beginners that “Why to Make a Website?”. Let me clear it for you, we will start it with some attractive quotes like ‘Have you ever wished about a real and

Social Sites As Comic Book Heroes [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social sites are almost used by everyone at the present time may be for different purposes someone uses it for promoting their blog or website while someone uses it only for fun but have you ever think if you compare these social sites with popular comic book