No doubt how Apple would be feeling about this (certainly not glad), but the C.E.O of Orange carrier might have just leaked the availability of the iPhone 5. He mentioned that if he accepts as true what he listens to, the upcoming iPhone will be available by 15th of October on his airwaves.

In view of the fact that, CEOs of major carriers for instance, Orange hardly ever receives the information from someplace else, but the producer itself, therefore this one appears quite reliable. Stephane Richard besides went on to state that there will be exclusive bundles on offer for the iPhone 5, but that’s barely a surprise, bearing in mind the significance of the smartphone to carriers.

Former today, we also stumbled upon an exciting anecdote about the availability of the iPhone 5 in the UK. This information, yet, arrives from O2’s customer service center hence it’s a little low on the ground to trust. And there’s bit intelligence in Apple releasing the smartphone in France, prior to they bring it to UK, thus it’s improbable that both of those are accurate together.

Hence, if the iPhone 5 is to arrive in the mid of next month, we must expect for its announcement event to be planned for the conclusion of this month. That satisfactorily matches with the buzz that iOS 5 will be receiving its Gold Master release on September 23rd.

We all are about to see this! But can’t wait for it right?