You can share your files on MAC OS X Lion and MAC OS X Mountain Lion between other users without setting up a new user ID and password. This can be done by using the individuals Apple ID assigned, and while a special password is created to enable the file sharing process through that Apple ID on your Mac systems. Below is the complete tutorial to share files on Mac OS X without setting up a new account:

How To Share Files on Mac OS X Without Setting Up A New Account

Part#1 of the tutorial

First you have to set your Apple ID as an authenticated sharing login and then proceed with the rest of the tutorial

Step#1: Head over to the address book of your Mac

Step#2: Next launch the “System Preferences” inside the Apple menu and tick mark “Sharing” and make sure that the “File Sharing” option has been enabled.

Step#3: Choose the folder you want to share from the “Shared Folders”, and then tap on the “+” plus button under “Users”

Step#4: Now choose the “Address Book” and locate the user of whom you need to use the Apple ID you, after that click on “Select”

Step#5: Assign a password to it and exit out of the sharing panel

By using this setup, you can link to the individual shared directory via only their personal Apple ID.

Part#2 of the tutorial

In this part of the tutorial, you will have to link to a shared Mac system using the individual Apple ID as the Login data

Step#1: Stretch down the “Go” index menu and choose “Connect to Server” from the MAC OS X finder

Step#2: Choose the “Registered Guest” option and insert the Apple ID that you obtained in the 1st part of this tutorial as the username and accordingly insert the password that you specified before and finally connect your Mac as you used to did before and start sharing your files.