Associate or more commonly known as affiliate advertising business on Internet is one of the successful methods of making money online, to date. Nearly all the top dog’s accomplishment belongs to the field of affiliate advertising. Now I will not dig deep explaining you what actually is affiliate marketing, since probably every person knows about it that uses internet. Now that you are ready to start your own affiliate marketing campaign, make sure to follow the below step-by-step guide essential for beginners in order to make money online through affiliate marketing:

Where to join?

The first question is that where should you join in order to start your affiliate marketing campaign. There are affiliate networks which you are required to become member of.

There are a lot of networks but I suggest, it is to this point the finest one in my view. Sign up and create an account for free.

  • At times you don’t have to become member of such affiliate networks. Suppose if you have your website hosted on the certain web hosting company. If that web hosting company has been offering you an excellent service without any interruption from the long time then you can suggest it to other people.
  • Second case: People are constantly in search of a good web hosting. At this instant ahead of suggesting see if they include an affiliate program. The majority of them do have. Once you’ve confirmed, launch an affiliate program and begin suggesting internet users through your affiliate link. For this you’ll be rewarded with some commission for each individual you raise.

Examine the Market Products to Make Money Online Through Affiliate Advertising

After that you have created an account with affiliate marketing network, select the product that is currently trendy and is being sold in masses. For instance, at, the trendy and famous products are recognized by the gravity. The superior the gravity percentage is, the more that product is being sold.

Now that you have chosen a product, for every product, make websites individually. This attracts users the most. Next write reviews of those products on your website so that users can have an idea about what the product is all about and if it is worth buying or not. Don’t forget to put up testimonial from users who have previously used the product. Attach their snap and name too!

Generate as much traffic as you can

Now remember traffic is the thing which you must target therefore start submitting those written articles to article directories for publication, so that it will make sure that you’ll begin receiving targeted audience. Such article should be as a minimum of 300-500 in quantity of words. Submit them on a regular basis and you’ll be able to generate as many as 100 targeted readers to your website daily.

Now remember the calculation that out of 100 users, only 1 person is expected to buy a particular product. If you can produce in so far as 1,000 targeted hits for your website daily that means you can do 10 sales based on the calculation demonstrated here as a standard.

Now that you’re all set to go, establish an affiliate marketing program and start making money online!!! Do share with us your thoughts & opinions about make money online through affiliate advertising.