There are so many software which you may use to jailbreak your iPhone. Here you will find out a step by step procedure to jailbreak your gadget using CLI tool. CLI tool has released for windows OS and it requires command prompt to get operated. Following the step-by-step procedure you can easily jailbreak your iPhone4S and install whatever you want from application market on your gadget. Jailbreaking once will make your device as smart as you want it to be. Cydia has also brought a combination of aspiring apps at really affordable prices of at least 0.99$ for iPhone 4S. So jailbreak your phone and go for the fun!

Before starting the process, make sure that your gadget is facilitated with iOS 5.0.1, you can download it here. This tool called CLI is really easy to process and effective in Jailbreaking. We have arranged a step by step process to make it easy to jailbreak your device. It is already mentioned that you have to do it via giving commands in command prompt. Please note that do not copy and paste commands from this article but give them manually to make it function properly.

    1. First of all, you have to download CLI Absinthe for your Mac OS X or Windows. Click here to download.
    2. After downloading, unzip the file cinject_0.4.3 into any of the system folder e.g. c:\ (….).
    3. Now it’s time to connect your iPad or iPhone with your computer. After connecting it, open start menu. Next click on ‘RUN’, the command line for opening something will appear at your screen. Run command prompt by typing cmd.exe in open command line. (Shown below)
    4. Now in command window, you have to put command line with the exact location of the downloaded (unzipped) file. For example if you have put the file into c drive simply, Type  CD C:\ cinject_0.4.3
    5. Now you have to execute CLI and you will do this by giving this exact command line, we are mentioning again that do not just copy and paste commands from here, do them manually for proper functioning. Type cinject.exe -i payloads/jailbreak.mobileconfig
    6. Please note that your device’s screen will ask for an installation. Tap on ‘install’ button. It will ask for password, take no notice and just click net. Now finally tap on ‘Done’ to end up with installation process.
    7. Next, execute this command;  cinject.exe -j payloads   & Give it required time to create backup.
    8. Execute this command;   cinject.exe –w
    9. Now that you are done with command prompt and application is successfully installed on your phone or iPad, get on it and tap Absintheicon to jailbreak your device in just some moments


You have successfully done Jailbreaking to your device. Hopefully you will not get into any trouble while doing all this if you have followed the given instructions accurately. Still if you will find some error, they can be;

  • FATAL(_LINE_) error:

To correct this error, Go to settings>general>Erase all content and setting. It will reset your phone. When you have done resetting, please follow all steps again from step 1.

NOTE: Resetting may cause your important data to get lost. Make sure you do have backup of your important data.

  • ·         Establishing database connection Error:

Use these instructions to correct error.

  • Camera Roll

Use these instructions to correct error.