IOS 5 is slowly approaching and hackers have managed to crack the firmware and consequently jailbreaking it for many of Apple’s IOS devices. VOICEABLE has created a guide taking you through how to jailbreak it, which applies to the following IOS devices: iPhone 4, iPod Touch (3 and 4), as well as the original iPad.

How To Jailbreak 5.0 GM Firmware For iOS Devices:

Users will need to download the iTunes 10.5 Beta 7 & 5.0 GM Firmware, both of which can be downloaded via this link: here. You’ll also need the latest Redsn0w 0.9.9b3a for both Windows & Mac, which can be found downloaded here.

Stage 1:


If you’re a Windows 7 user, once you’ve downloaded Redsnow, open the folder and right-click the Redsnow.exe fileand navigate to the properties option, which – once you’ve clicked it – will showcase a ‘compatibility’ tab. Ensure that the ‘Run this program in compatible mode for’ and then click OK.

Stage 2:


After you’ve completed Stage 1, go into the Redsnow folder and then click Redsnow.exe, and then navigate towards the ‘Go to extras’ tab. After that, open the ‘IPSW’ option and go to the 5.0 firmware. After these procedures are completed, click ‘back’ and you’ll see a button saying ‘Jailbreak’ – click that. Users now must make sure the ‘Install Cydia’ and ‘Enable multi/task gestures’ boxes are ticked – now click the next button on the bottom of the window.

Stage 3:


After clicking next, as instructed in Stage 2, you’ll have to put your IOS device in DFU mode. To do this, you must, firstly, hold the Apple device’s power button for an accumulative of ten seconds, and then – still ensuring the power button is being pressed down – hold the IOS device’s Home button for an additional ten seconds. Finally, let go of the power button, but you must have the Home button pushed down whilst you’re doing this. Now, hold the Home button for around 15 seconds. After you’ve successfully put the device into DFU mode, Redsnow will carry out the jailbreaking procedure.

Stage 4:

The Redsnow screen on one’s system will still be active so click the ‘back’ button and now open up ‘IPSW’ once again. Navigate towards the firmware, select it, and now click the ‘Just boot’ button and click next to continue. Users will have to put their device into DFU mode again. After DFU mode has been completed, Cydia will be present on your IOS device and working, as well as being prone to any potential crashes.

The guide can be seen below in video form:

Do share with us have you jailbreak your IOS device or not, your thoughts or opinions are always welcome as comments below…!!!