Landing that lucrative writing gig doesn’t typically happen overnight. However, there are ways to achieve that goal with a little perseverance, creativity, and lot of moxie.

After all, you came to this business because you have a way with words. So use that gift to your advantage and convince others what you have to say warrants high-paying compensation.


Sometimes to get that lucrative paying writing assignment you first have to earn a solid reputation for producing quality content. While these may be lower-paying gigs, the idea is to build a base of articles that you can market to other, higher-paying publications and online websites.

Usually these web content type of jobs are ghost-writing gigs, where your article goes online either under the name of someone else or nobody at all. Over time, however, you may persuade those sites to include your byline, so you can add to your resume. At the same time, check sites like Craigslist and on a regular basis for byline opportunities.

It’s a global business

It used to be that traditional publishers would only hire writers that were local and could punch a 9-to-5 time clock. Today, with a computer and access to the Internet, you can not only work from home, you can virtually work for anyone anywhere in the world.

True, some companies and publications still prefer to work with someone local; but more and more are hiring writers who can work remotely and email their posts and features as a document attachment.

Got a degree?

For writers who may have gravitated to writing as a second career, and have a college degree, think about tapping your alma mater for writing assignments. Universities are constantly looking for research studies, white papers, and grant submissions that can be written by alumni.

U.S. companies abroad

Investigate multinational companies with branch offices around the world. If you live abroad but close to where US companies have opened shop, these type of writing positions often provide lucrative pay opportunities.

They may need a local bilingual writer to help them describe their programs or products in a culturally sensitive way, or to promote a local branch office — and you are perfectly positioned to help them out.

Niche markets

As you build your resume, think about zeroing in on niche markets that don’t have a lot of coverage. For instance, if you’ve visited or live somewhere exotic, market travel articles about what there is to see and do in that part of the world.

There are a copious number of US-based travel publications and websites, and many pay well for remote destination features that their writing staff have been unable to research and write about.

Why should I hire you?

Be ready with the answer when a potential publisher asks the question why they should hire you over the myriad number of other applicants that have applied. Here you need to distinguish your value and worth succinctly and with enough authority to gain your prospective employer’s confidence.

To aid in this endeavor, take a look at the website It has videos and other tools to prepare you for turning this type of interview into a success story.

It’s important not to lose sight of your goal. The frustration of not finding the job that pays a couple of bucks per word is only temporary. And if it doesn’t happen tomorrow, remember the other lucrative reward that comes part and parcel with the profession of writing. As the old saying goes, “if you have a passion for what you do, it’s no longer work.”