The release of iOS 5 operating system along with iPhone4S in Oct 2011 brought a world of change to iPhone features. iOS 5 operating system brought surprises for the users regarding its capabilities, well, keeping aside all the surprise, there is a noteworthy update which it brought. It has some special effects for notification display. With the addition of notification center, iOS devices also have a central core which controls different cool widgets. You can turn them ‘On’ or ‘Off’. The jailbreakers have created many tweaks, modifiers and some extra buttons which let all the notifications swept. The feature which was to be covered could be outlook of notification center.

This idea looks a bit impossible to be functional. Some popular tweaks in Cydia provide few visual effects to iOS. iPhone4S users need something to cover maximum features. Flowtation brings lots of new visual effects to cover the gap.  The major perception of Flowtation is to present the deception that Notification Center can be placed on the main screen so it needs a set of eye catching visual effects. It targeted to endow with a smooth switching b/w notifications and the active screen.

Flowtation basically enhances the visual beauty and smoothness of the process of switching without making the system heavy or irritating. Actually the producer of this application has tried it on many devices and he is pretty confident of its well-working though possibly he has also got some negative reviews too. This marvelous application is also compatible with the renowned intelscreenX application and its creator guarantees that it showed no issues working combined.

Flowtation is available for 0.99$ at Cydia, ModiMyi Repository. Its compatible with all iPhones having iOS 5 or above.

Note: You will have to jailbreak your device before installing this tweak.