Dustforce’s buyers are increasing due to some awesome features and you must buy this if you can get it from some discount shop or sale. It will satisfy your gaming enthusiasm but possibility is there that you will be ending up with punching someone. Another fact is that its music is really awesome to please your hearing.

There are good and bad points in games. Same is the case with Dustforce. Its music track, graphics and color combination are awesome but there is a minor issue with controls which gets resolved with your expertise level. Its controls are not smooth when you start the game for the first time, they are tough to handle. But it gets better with time. Multiplayer mode is not so good.

The music of this game can really trap your attention and you will be in a trance, wanting for more and more music. There is something that can break your trance and that is less control on game which will bother you in start. But I assure you that you will get through it.

Ok let us get started from the basics. You have to control a Gatekeeper/ Janitor who is having a broom in his hands. It is a 2D view, you have to clear the area around because there are so many leaves scattered. Some places are not reachable and you have to jump and struggle too each them.

Now that is the basic thing, and you have to do it in different levels as the difficulty will be increasing frequently. You have to face and attack enemies who come in your way. The tough thing over here is to attack the enemies in the air, you have to stay in the air and this technique is really hard to master.

You can go through the tutorial with the fascinating music of “9-bit expedition” track. Oh…you can spend hours listening this awesome track. Tutorial mode will teach you the skills used in game like dash, jump, and attack. There are some tricky moves which you have to master which look impossible to be done but tutorial will help you going through them.  There are chances when you constantly try to reach to a place via jumping but you get failed many times, this is where the game has flaws.

There are four kinds of Janitors and you have to select one from them. All are different in their physical properties and strength. This is a little positive thing (the options to choose from different characters) which helps balancing the difficulty of gameplay. There is also a multiplayer mode for four players where you can dominate by cleaning and fighting. It seems a bit pointless. Color combinations and graphics are really good and give you a bright area to play.

Beside all the flaws, it’s really a game worth to buy and play. So give it a try.