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Microsoft Windows 8 [Review]

  With the increasing popularity of Apple iPad, the old concept of laptops and gadgets is going to be changed this year. Microsoft has been quite efficient throughout the history of technology so how can it be going down now. The windows 8 based latest tablets are

The Latest Audio Boosting Technology From iFrogz

If you want to connect sound booster or speakers with your mobile or Mp3 player, you will need some cable or Bluetooth like thing to do this. Leave it behind, technology has left this concept far behind. A wonderful device is going to use some connectivity source

Hardware Specification for Windows 8 Declared!

Let’s talk about Microsoft Windows 8 for now! The question might be plunging in your mind that what hardware requirements will be there for Windows 8. The renewal of CTRL+ALT+DEL system and NFC touch points are the highlights. Reviewing the latest documents about Win8, it is confirmed

Best Tips To Keep Your Laptop Secure

Laptop Users might be searching for tips to protect their device but not more than desktop users. I don’t understand why this happens but we usually don’t pay much heed to our laptops especially if we are using it at daily basis. Time is running really fast

5 SEO Tips to Get Better Google Ranking

Online blogging is the best way to earn money especially for those who know how to get a better Google ranking. Google Search Engine is quite sharp to observe the tricks which webmasters and bloggers use to get a better search engine optimization. So bloggers need to

3 Helpful Chrome Extensions To Clean Up Your Browsing Experience

Internet is a place where you get hundred thousands of search results for just one thing you might be looking. It’s a pile of junk you have to scramble through to get your desired file or information. Sometimes it plunges into my mind that is there anything

3 Important Things To Consider While Creating a Website

When you have finalized that you need a website to launch your online business then you probably would have to consider the vital elements for creating a user-emphasis and user-friendly website. There are several things to consider, for a website to have a perfect balance between numerous

The Best of Steve Jobs Quotes [Pics]

Apple has announced that Steve Jobs, the Tech company’s legendary co-founder and CEO since 1997, has died. Through out the years, he’s not only changed our lives with innovative products but also he’s been there as inspiration for many of us. Here’s a look back at the

Top 5 Best Android Phones of 2011

The smart phone market has undeniably become of the standout markets in modern times. The arrival of Apple’s iPhone sparked an upcoming fierce competition, one of which is certainly Google-owned Android. The operating system operates on several smart phones from massive manufactures such as Motorola, Samsung to name but

Acer Jumps into the Ultrabook Territory with its Aspire A3

Ultrabooks are so on the rage! Toshiba and Lenovo, bad news! Acer also has jumped into the ultrabook territory with Aspire A3 as its blazing hand gun at the IFA 2011. The specifications of Aspire A3 are quite identical, that is to say a 13.3-inch dimension, 1366