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Top 10 Free Gaming Apps For Android

Last week we posted about top Android apps for social networking & we got an ultimate response. Now, It’s time to have some fun with your Android device for which it is known for. You might have played many different games on your android although we are

Skype Released its official iPad App

Skype released its official app for the iPad in the IOS app store today. With this release of iPad app Skype includes all the best features in it like video chat, instant messaging, phone calls & quick access to your contacts. Unlike the iPhone app, the instant

Google+ App for iPhone Available for Download

Google has recently launched a social networking platform called Google+ project. Google+ is the social networking website where you can connect with your friends, family or other loved one’s in your circles & share your thoughts, photos, videos with them as you already doing that on Facebook.

25 Best Android Apps For Social Networking

Let us speak straight facts as they will help us to ascertain the position of Android in the field of the applications that they have for their devices. The facts suggest that Android is the most popular mobile operating software owned by the Google with a large