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Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy Tab Games

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has been a driving force for the company in terms of its revenue. During 2011, the company exceeded over $40 billion, undoubtedly with a significant proportion pertaining to the Android-powered tablet. VOICEABLE has compiled a list of the top 10 best Samsung Galaxy Tab games.

Facebook Messaging at iPhone

Facebook has been the hot favorite for social circlers since its release. iPhone have made it a lot more easier to keep in touch with your friends and family as the iPhone app market has taken no time to launch iPhone Facebook. One important thing was still

The Titanic App to be Released for iPad

The technology bloggers surely spend hours and hours to get the most favorite, amazing and latest reviews and information about different cool apps and so we are doing to keep you up to dated about the latest apps and technology rumors. Android and iOS are surely IN

Launch Center: A Nice App for iPhone

People always want such application which can make their task easier, their search better and the access to the needed items comfortable and faster. Life is becoming lightening fast and people need efficiency in every way. Things can be accessed in seconds instead of minutes. Here I’m

Top 10 Best Free Android Action Games

Android’s marketplace is home to hundreds of thousands of applications. One of the most popular categories for Google’s mobile platform operating system is indeed games and one of the more popular subsections of said category is action games. VOICEABLE has a compiled a list of the top

Top 10 Best Free Samsung Galaxy Tab Sports Games

As Android continues to dominate the market, its tablet success has been experienced greatly by Samsung in the form of the Samsung Galaxy tab; a tablet that runs on Google’s Android platform. Due to the screen resolution, sports games can be an ideal gaming experience for users.

Top 10 Best Free Android Book Apps

Image Credit: Flickr There are two kinds of people on the face of this earth who is in love with books. The first group is the scholars; the real bookworm for whom knowledge is everything and the second class of people are the ones who do not

Top 10 Best Android Finance Apps

Android’s versatility has proved to pay off in terms of the success its application market has had since its inception. One of those categories is finance-related applications. VOICEABLE has compiled a list of the top 10 best free Android finance applications. 10. Stock Widget Stock Widget from

Best Meeting Planner for iPad Users [Review]

Life has become so swift that you can’t keep a record of your planned schedules, meetings and conferences. The old days are passed away and time has brought many changes to your life. One of those major changes is that the papers and files are shifted to

Top Five Must-Haves for Mac Users

Mac users are purchasing new applications daily. There are thousands of software reviews which you can go through and select some good ones for you. Productivity software and full version 3d games are increasing in numbers day by day and it’s a bit confusing situation to choose