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The Titanic App to be Released for iPad

The technology bloggers surely spend hours and hours to get the most favorite, amazing and latest reviews and information about different cool apps and so we are doing to keep you up to dated about the latest apps and technology rumors. Android and iOS are surely IN

Hot New Design of iPhone 5

Excitement of iPhone 5 release which is expected anytime in this year is making everyone wondering about different things. What will be the latest features? How smart it would be? What will be the price and most obvious, how it will look like? Federico Ciccarese has just

Launch Center: A Nice App for iPhone

People always want such application which can make their task easier, their search better and the access to the needed items comfortable and faster. Life is becoming lightening fast and people need efficiency in every way. Things can be accessed in seconds instead of minutes. Here I’m

iPad 3: Who Will Buy One, and Why? [INFOGRAPHIC]

source: AYTM Research   via: mashable

The Latest Audio Boosting Technology From iFrogz

If you want to connect sound booster or speakers with your mobile or Mp3 player, you will need some cable or Bluetooth like thing to do this. Leave it behind, technology has left this concept far behind. A wonderful device is going to use some connectivity source

IPhone 5 Rumor !!

The pace of technology is reducing the distance between the arrivals of latest gadgets. So the amount of rumors is increasing. Our new rumor is about the favorite topic of new generation, the next iPhone. Rumored by 9 to 5 Mac, one of their most reliable news

Best Concealed Tricks for iPhone Users

It doesn’t matter how much fond you are of your iPhone, still there will be many tricks which are hidden. IOS is such a complex system which is layered with features and you can’t get complete understanding to it unless you get a guide for it. Possibly

Valuable Tips to Enhance iPhone’s Battery Life

Haven’t you observed people complaining about short battery span for iPhone battery? We have collected some awesome tips for you to extract some more time from your gadget’s battery. Some of them are just on your tips right now and for some, you have to add a

Best Tips & Tricks for iPhone Troubleshooting

Handling your costly gadget matters much more than purchasing one. It seems tougher if you don’t sound technical. If you are going to fix the problem, you must know where the problem lies or you will cause more disturbance to your iPhone. Good thing is that troubleshooting

Top 5 Cool Cases For iPhone 4

iPhone 4 has not only bringing changes to App Store as new applications are launching day by day, it’s also increasing the accessories marketing. IPhone cases are the main concentration for those who are using this cool gadget. Buying an expensive gadget increases the tension of keeping