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Top 10 Best iPhone 4S Travel Apps

The iPhone 4S broke numerous records upon its launch; the iOS-powered device sold over a staggering four million units and that figure has inevitably increased considerably since its October 2011 release. With the quantity of users who own an iPhone 4S, travelling would of course be carried out by

Apple Hits Samsung and Android Hard at WWDC

This year’s WWDC was a big hit for Apple fans. As, we were expecting huge introductions from the company, as it was rumored, that Apple will announce a non-iOS hardware device (s) and we definitely saw it at this event. Together with the large, somewhat pricey, and

How to Improve Battery Life of Your iPad

iPad is good at giving good battery backup but you might want to consider adding more time to it, right? Then here are the best tips that will help you improve the battery life of your iPad significantly. I have applied these tips myself and observed notable

Just How Big is Apple? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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How To Disable Auto-Sync When Connecting iPhone/iPad/iPod With Your Computer Through iTunes

Whenever you connect your iPad/iPhone/iPod with iTunes using a computer, iTunes starts itself and after that it directly begins to automatically synchronize all your stuff between the IOS handheld device and your computer. I was so annoyed of this stuff and wanted to find a way through

Top 10 Creations and Innovations by Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs changed the world as we had known it; spearheading the company he created with Steve Wozniak, Apple revolution’s technology and its impact society. Jobs, one of the most memorable visionaries, always seemed to know the right time to launch a product and, in doing so, made

Best iPhone Scanning Productive Apps

The era of paper documents have passed away and it really saves lots of time, effort and cost. iPhone users keep their documents mostly in digital form to carry them everywhere and App store is creating unique apps daily for this purpose. You can scan documents and

Top 10 Best Tablet PCs

Apple’s iPad has evidently dominated the tablet market on an unprecedented level for several years. Its current generation iPad, iPad 2, in addition to its predecessor sold a combined 15 million units during the fourth quarter in 2011; clearly showcasing its domination, there are alternatives which, for some tablet

Top 10 Best Free iPad 2 Photography Apps

iPad 2’s camera is a great utility for users to utilize; the HD aspect of the current generation iPad delivers a lot of tools for users in terms of video capture, as well as capturing images. There’s a batch of photography applications relating to the iPad 2; VOICEABLE has

Top 10 Best Free iPhone 4S Business Apps

The iPhone 4S has a large variety of application that are available, as well as growing on the Apple app store; one of which is business. A large proportion of iPhone users in general are business-oriented and there’s no doubt that proportion has increased with the launch