8 Mega Pixels? WOW!

Isn’t it great for a mobile phone camera to carry such a sensitive lens with all those features? This may possibly be the best camera ever on a phone device, (Well, we can’t say better than this is impossible, iPhones have ever been a wonder) besides I guess, for now it is the most remarkable thing to own, a smart phone with a superb camera. Still wondering what is amazing in that? Just click, and explore a whole new world of colors!

8 Mega Pixel is such a high resolution to put a new life to your images. You can enjoy a whole new experience of photography. Its lens is smart enough to capture enough light like never before to provide a new brightened image when you get it printed. So your photo album looks dramatic wherever you get them displayed.

Let’s see what’s new you are getting in iPhone 4S camera after iPhone 4 one’s.


iPhone 4 Image

iPhone 4S Image

Digital cam is one of the most remarkable aspect which differs iPhone4 and iPhone 4S. Apple Company has stunningly upgraded the cam from 5 megapixels to 8 megapixels.   iPhone4’s cam was already brilliant in its features but now it has taken a big leap towards being best. The digital cam in the iPhone 4S now allows in more light and sharpness to create extraordinary live images.

iPhone 4’s camera takes a view with a bit blurred color effects, if you are capturing an outside scenario, it might mix up the blue and white effects of cloudy sky whether in iPhone 4S,  there is a clear impression of blue sky and white clouds. Same is with grass; iPhone4S gives a lot more detail for natural green color.

The A5 chip used in iPhone4S is of same best quality as in DSLR cameras. It comes with image signal processor so you can control the focus and exposure by tapping easily. And it’s the power behind zero shutter lag. The iPhone4’s Camera is much faster due to that image signal processor so the action can be captured just as it is happening in front of your eyes.  Here are some images captured by both cameras to prove the vivid difference.

iPhone 4’s Castle

iPhone 4S’s Castle

iPhone 4’s Grass

iPhone 4S’s Grass

iPhone 4’s Road

iPhone 4S’s Road