WordPress is the easiest CMS (Content Management System) ever built and that too it is an open-source program. It is vastly being used by bloggers because of its wide collection of Plug-ins and a variety of easy graphical options. The first choice for bloggers is definitely WordPress but if users do not follow some rules and take certain precautions then he/she may have a sluggish WordPress blog/site that will be more likely to lose visitors. Since the first impression that impacts on a user is a blog/sites loading speed. Then what to do? Well, folks I gathered the 5 best tips and presenting you below through which you can speed up your wordpress blog/site.

Best Tips To Speed up a WordPress Site

1. Choosing the right web hosting solution

There are a big number of web hosting companies that provide hosting for WordPress blog/site. So before you start your wordpress blog, you must select a shared web host from a trustworthy web hosting company. You will find many web hosting solutions that provides services at discounts, watch for them they may be a trap. You have to pay for everything in this world of internet, either directly or in the other way around. Be wise in choosing the right web hosting solution for your WordPress website. Check for reviews, service age, feedbacks and other things to determine the quality of the web hosting services

2. Choose the best WordPress theme

After that you have chosen a web hosting solution, you need to choose a WordPress theme for your blog/site. The load time of any website depends on its theme so you should be assured from every aspect. I suggest go for the basic themes, since those themes load fast because of the minimalistic design and formation as compared to other themes loaded with heavy materials.  Select a theme that should have no heavy images, tables, framework and other features that slow down the speed of a website.

3. Filter your plug-ins

A good thing about WordPress is that it offers a wide collection of plug-ins that enhances the usability of a website but at the same time diminishes the load speed of a blog/website. So always remember to select more important and a less number of Plug-ins that will eventually help you increase the site load speed. If you already have bulk number of Plug-ins installed on your blog/site, consider removing them as per your priority. Keep those plug-ins only that you think are necessary and remove all that possesses no importance for your website.

4. Compress images

Images have always been one of the biggest factors responsible for slowing down the load speed of a website. So you should compress your images before uploading them to your site. You can do this by reducing the size of the images. Consider using a plug-in ‘WP-Smusit’ that is offered by WordPress which helps reduce the image size, without the need of editing them manually.

5. Clean the stuff on your Homepage

The first page that loads in front of a user when he/she comes is the Homepage of a website. Consider optimizing your homepage for improved performance in load speed. You can do this by cutting down the number of posts on your blog; the ideal number of posts is 4 to 6 for good performance. short description instead of full posts, remove the unnecessary widgets from the home; you may include them in the individual posts. A clean and more focused home page will help your site in loading up quickly and thus getting more visitors than before. You can also clean your database by ‘phpMyAdmin’ that is a wordpress plug-in used to optimize the database.

With the help of the above tips your WordPress site/blog will load up quickly and eventually you will see a boost in daily traffic. Do tell us if these best tips to speed up a WordPress site really did affect on your site to !