The era of paper documents have passed away and it really saves lots of time, effort and cost. iPhone users keep their documents mostly in digital form to carry them everywhere and App store is creating unique apps daily for this purpose. You can scan documents and save them in PDF format in your iPhone. The best part is that you don’t need to take a perfect angle picture of your paper doc. I have arranged a roundup for the best scanning apps.

Where to Take a Start?

Take a picture from your mobile cam or any other digital one. You don’t need to make it clear my photo shop or any other photo editor. Scanning apps are quite efficient to do that task.

1. Genius Scan:

All of these scanning applications have same feature to some extent. Like you have to take a picture first, or may be grab it from your stock then outlining the corners makes it easy to flatten the image to get proper digital copy. Outlining is a bit confusing because you are using finger tips and you can’t see the border of document under your finger. Another way is to select corners by color processing e.g. by selecting black or white color. The quality of Genius Scan App is not that much appreciating though as the contrast is so hard that letters look thicker enough than original documents. It’s available at app store and the developers are ‘The Grizzy Lab’. If you want to share the doc at email or twitter, you may use free version but for Evernote, Drop Box and Google, Plus version is available for 2.99$.

2. Scanner Pro:

Scanner pro has a very efficient and handy feature which makes sure to have the finest result you have ever experienced. The magnification tool allows you to view the boundaries of paper while alignment. The middle cross of magnifying glass lets you see where exactly you are touching. This application has an enhanced color processing tool along with document settings. You may adjust the brightness and contrast after aligning the paper. You may also take picture of several pages using multi page feature. When you will take picture in a default mode, you will find it a little faded but adjusting brightness and contrast will make the scanned doc perfect. It can share doc with Evernote, Google Doc, Drop Box, Email and WebDav and Its price is 6.99$ at App store.

3. Turbo Scan:

You will definitely go for Turbo Scan if you are a quality lover. It’s the best scanner and it processes documents faster than any other scanning app. It has a feature named ‘Sure Scan’ which can be a little time consuming because you have to take three images of same document to get a sharper copy. It creates a sharper and better scan. Only one drawback of this app is it doesn’t have so many sharing options like others described but still it is the best to choose. It has another cool feature ‘Send to myself’.

Turbo scan can share at Dropbox, Evernote and Email and it comes for 1.99$ only at App Store.