Whilst PDF editor’s presence on Windows is far from small, such programs have started to make an impact on Apple’s Mac OS. We’ve compiled a list of the best free PDF editors for Mac operating system.

Mac OSx Preview:

One of the latest versions of Mac – Mac OSx Leopard (10.5) – comes with a PDF editor pre-installed. Entitled Mac OSx Preview, the PDF editor will allow users these notable features which are:

  • Annotate PDFs
  • Edit PDF files
  • Easily add images onto a PDF

PDFEdit :Best Free PDF Editors For Mac

While it may not offer as much as its Mac OS-based PDF counterpart programs, PDFEdit is still a great program for those who wish to edit their files. Some of the features of this pdf editors for Mac are:

  • Open source library for manipulating PDF documents
  • Program released under terms of GNU GPL version 2
  • PDF manipulating library based on xPDF included
  • Simplistic Graphical User Interface
  • Command line tools

Skim :Best Free PDF Editors For Mac

Skim is a more feature-rich PDF reader and note-taker for the Mac than the built-in Max OSx Preview. While its primary design is suitable for those who want to both read, as well as annotating scientific PDF files, it’ll also allow users to view and edit any file Its features include

  • In addition to a ¬†one-swipe highlight mode, highlighting important text is included
  • Adding and editing notes
  • Making “snapshots” for users to have easy reference
  • Navigation using table of contents or thumbnails, which comes with visual history
  • View all your notes and highlights easily and seemingly
  • Full screen mode
  • Built-in transitions
  • Useful preview of internal links

Folks, These are the best pdf editors for Mac which you can use at free of cost on your Mac OS X. Don’t forgot to share your thoughts with us below via the comment section.