Data Recovery is one of the secure and efficient way to recover your lost files or data. There are many occasions when you accidentally delete your data from your PC, Laptop or Mobile devices, and it becomes more awkward situation when you are not able to recover that data. If you are running a business, then probably you have faced this situation many times and suffered huge losses.

To stay away from this situation of facing losses in your business, many data recovery softwares available in the market, which can help you to recover your data with ease. These best data recovery tools can help you to recover your data from any storage media like hard disks, memory cards, and mobile phones. In this article, We have enlisted the best free data recovery tools with the help of which you can recover your data quickly.

24 Best Data Recovery Tools for Efficient Data Recovery

24 Best Data Recovery Tools for Efficient Data Recovery:-

  1. Piriform- Recuva

Piriform- Recuva - free Data Recovery Tools

Piriform is an online company which deals in fixing any kind of software problems and in turn making your life simpler and hassle free. The services provided by the company include creating software for all kinds of devices like PC’s, laptops, mobile phones, etc, providing certain service tools like CCleaner and Defraggler for hard drives, Speccy for hardware analyzation and of course Recuva to recover deleted files.

Recuva is an amazing Data Recovery software created by the company which finds those files as well whose name you don’t even remember. This software recovers deleted data from recycle bin, memory cards and virtual disks as well plus it is high standard software.

  1. Glarysoft- Glary Undelete

Data Recovery Tools

Glarysoft Ltd. is also a software developing company specializes in software and network application products that are quite useful to the people in the IT Industry. The main aim of the company is to produce highly reliable and user- friendly products so that the electronic gadgets especially the PC’s can run efficiently and effectively.

Glarysoft Ltd. produces a quite user-friendly free data recovery software called Glary Undelete which helps the user to recover the deleted files and is supported by FAT, NTFS, and NTFS plus EFS file system. It also works on removable media like USB key, flash drive, and memory card.

  1. Puran Software

Data Recovery Tools

Puran Software is all in one free file recovery software company which helps you to get back with your deleted files from all kinds of formatted disks. You can recover files from almost any kind of source, be it a hard drive, pen drives, mobile phones, memory cards, DVD’s, CD’s, etc.

The recovery engine of the software is extremely strong and powerful and the software works with great accuracy and speed. After downloading this free Data Recovery software, you just need to get a quick or deep scan of your device and the software automatically recovers your lost files.

  1. Pandora Recovery

Data Recovery Tools

Pandora Recovery is another online data recovery software company and helps you to recover your lost files from various sources like memory card, hard drives and other drives. With the help of NTFS and FAT, you can recover any kind of data like pictures, movies, songs and other documents.

This software will simply scan your computer’s hard drive and will make a list of all the existing and deleted files with the help of which you can track down your deleted document or file and recover it accordingly. This software also gives you an option to preview your deleted file before recovering it.

  1. PC Inspector

PC Inspector is a best company that support both FAT and NTFS file operating systems. The main attraction of this software is that it is totally free of cost and tends to recover the files even if you don’t remember the file name.

It has a special recovery system which supports certain disk formats like BMP, DOC, DXF, XLS, MP3, PDF, PNG, ZIP and much more. It also has the feature to save the recovered files on network drives like the Google Drive.

  1. Officer Recovery

Data Recovery Tools

Officer Recovery is also a file undelete software which is quite in demand. This software helps in recovering all kinds of files and data even if they have been deleted or formatted from the recycle bin.

Apart from that this software also recovers the files which were deleted unintentionally on an NTFS or FAT file system and the recovered files can be stored at a different location where they are totally safe and secure. The software is quite user-friendly as well.

  1. ADRC

Adroit Data Recovery Centre Pvt. Ltd. is also a data recovery software company which provides you some amazing tools that help you to recover your lost data from any file system.

In other words, it is compatible with all kinds of drives and file systems. This software helps you to restore files which are of critical nature. The main features of the software include disk image backup, copy files from hard disk, edit and restore files.

  1. Active @ File Recovery

Active @ File Recovery is a kind of data recovery software which lets you recover your deleted and damaged files even if your computer system is not bootable. This software very efficiently detects and recovers your files lost due to virus, accident or formatting.

Active @ File Recover has recently launched its updated version on 20 January 2017 in which they have added around 8 predefined features like easy scan and recovery, redesigning user interface, etc.

  1. NTFS Data Recovery Toolkit

Data Recovery Tools

NTFS Data Recovery Toolkit is basically data recovery software which exclusively supports the NTFS file system. The software lets you recover the data either manually or automatically.

In manual recovery, the problem is analyzed through freeware Disk Editor or Microsoft Windows system utilities. On the other hand, automated recovery system is easier and lets you recover your lost data by Partition Recovery Software tools.

  1. Active @ Partition Recovery

Active @ Partition Recovery is free data recovery software which lets you recover your damaged and deleted files. It is compatible with certain software systems like DOS, Windows, and Linux.

This software simply does a quick scan and detects the lost or damaged files which you want to recover. It also has the feature of Super Scan which lets you recover the files which were deleted long time ago. Then there is the Last Chance feature which lets you restore the critically damaged files.

  1. Active @ Undelete

Active @ Undelete just like others is also a data recovery tool that helps you to detect deleted files and further restore them. This software package is compatible with Windows XP, windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2003/2008/2012/2016 server systems.

It helps you to recover your deleted and damaged data on NTFS, FAT/FAT32, HFS+, etc. This tool has some really awesome features like solving the problem of boot sectors as it contains an ISO image file that lets your PC become bootable to un-boot able. It also provides you the feature of Professional Packages which lets you recover your data in a windows based environment.

  1. Wise Cleaner

Data Recovery Tools

Wise Cleaner has data recovery software called the Wise Data Recovery which lets you recover your deleted files, images, documents, emails, videos, etc. from any of the local drives quite easily.

You can download the software free of cost and you can recover your files from any kind of internal or external hard drive, memory card, USB card, mobile phone, digital camera and even MP3 media player. This is one of the fastest scanning data recovery software and also lets you know as to how to recover your lost files. It is compatible with almost all types of Windows server.

  1. Test Disk Data Recovery

Test Disk Data Recovery software is a licensed software to recover your lost data from your local drives. It has obtained its license from GNU i.e General Public License.

The main feature of this data recovery software is that firstly, it makes the non-bootable system into a bootable one and secondly, it helps to restore lost partitions. The partition recovery is done through Test Disk which fixes FAT, recover FAT32, recovers NTFS, etc.

  1. WinHex

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WinHex is basically a Computer Forensic and Data Recovery Software that is quite advanced in nature and is mostly used by technology or IT experts in case of emergency situation.

This software has various kinds of tools for all kinds of deleted and corruption files. The tools include Disk Editor, RAM Editor, Data interpreter; Disk cloning, Analyzing and comparing the files, erase important and secret files, interfacing and much more.

  1. Active @ Boot Disk

Active @ Boot Disk is also a data recovery software through which you can easily get access to your lost or damaged data. It is quite a powerful software as it performs the recovery activities very efficiently and effectively. It also lets you make your unbootable PC into a bootable one. This tool also keeps your recovered data safe and secure.

  1. Active @ Uneraser

Active @ Uneraser is a data recovery software developed by LSoft Technologies Inc. which is available for you to download free of cost. It lets you restore your data lost by you accidently or by formatting and you can recover any kind of data like images, videos, files, documents, etc. The data is recovered from any kind of local drive location whether internal or external and further safely saves the restored data as well.

  1. Unformat

Data Recovery Tools

Unformat data recovery software is a freeware software which helps you solve the problem of recovering lost and damaged data and files quite easily and conveniently. Your deleted files can be recovered in a disk or stored in at a safe and secure location preventing it from further loss. Even the format files can be restored through this freeware software and plus it is quite user-friendly as well.

  1. Ease US

Ease Us is a highly recommended data recovery software which is available online and that also free of cost. It lets you recover your deleted and corrupted files quite conveniently i.e without nay hassle. Apart from being compatible with the Windows server, it is also compatible with Mac Book as well. It is quite easy to install and is user-friendly as well.

  1. Soft Perfect

Data Recovery Tools

Soft Perfect Network Management Solutions has developed many data recovery software out of which Soft perfect File Recovery is one of the best freeware software to recover your lost files and data. The data can be rescued and detect from hard disks, floppy disks, USB’s, SD cards and other media. It supports the NTFS and FAT file systems. It is quite easy to access and even easy to install.

  1. Snap Files- Restoration

Restoration created by Snap Files Software company is quite and easy to use freeware software which lets you rescue your deleted files and data. This Data Recovery Tools quickly scan your existing and deleted files and lets you recover the ones who want to. It also deletes all kinds of unwanted files from all the local drives to make your computer bootable.

  1. Puran Software Data Recovery

Puran Software data recovery is just like Puran Software File Recovery software which lets you restore your lost files and data. You can recover all kinds of damaged data from scratched CD’s, DVDs. pen drives and even memory cards. It also lets you cope up with the prevailing virus in your device and restore your data safely and securely.

  1. OEmail CD recovery Toolbox

Data Recovery Tools

CD recovery toolbox created by is a Free Data Recovery Tool that helps you to restore deleted and damaged data from all kinds of disks like CD, DVD, HD-DVD, Blue-Ray, etc.

Disks get damaged due to certain reasons like scratches, chips, spots, etc which results in the loss of important data kept in the form of backup. This software scans the particularly damaged disk and lets you recover your data to the maximum it can.

  1. Seriousbit- Undelete My Files Pro

Created by Seriousbit software Company, Undelete My Files Pro is a very useful windows Data Recovery Tool. Through this software, it is very easy to detect and restore the lost data in just two simple and easy going steps. The main features include is that it has a file rescue wizard, it can recover any kind of media, it also wipes the un-want files, rescues your mail as well and it is totally free of cost.

  1. Disk Drill

Disk drill recovery data software package is basically designed for Mac Book users. It helps you recover all kinds of data lost in your Mac Book. The data can be of any type like photos, videos, documents, music, etc. The software is actually one of the best Data Recovery Tools for your Mac Book.