When we are talking about creation and at the same time also talking about starting something that is essentially new, then we must take the care of the fact that what is the thing that we are about to initiate. There are a lot of stuffs that are actually very delicate and needs to be handled with extreme care in order to make sure that the beauty of the thing is not spoiled. When we are all the more worried about the beginning, more often than not we actually forget the fact that the beginning of something must also be very interesting. There are many such small things that cannot be taken for granted. One mistake can and will surely cause a lot of differences throughout the day and thus resulting in troubles that are not wanted. Frankly speaking, one needs to be inspired by something at times in order to feel the importance of it.

The beginnings that I am talking about can be of many sorts. Beginning of a new life, a new project, a new session in some educational institute. All the beginnings are equally important. We cannot actually neglect any of them. History has been the witness to many such things where things have actually gone horribly wrong when the beginnings were not like the one expected off. Well in that case, one has nothing to do other that just wait and treat the things on its merit.

The kind of beginning that I am talking about involves the mornings. There is no doubt in anybody’s mind that a morning is preferably the kind of start that everyone is actually looking forward to. The mornings are the ones that bring in the patience and will to go on inside you. You will feel the effect of the morning serenity in you once you realize the peace that it has. Thus it is extremely important in the way that you start your mornings and thus it is also important that you make sure that you imbibe the freshness of the mornings in you. The first sip of coffee and the inspirational paintings on them can prove to be extremely helpful to you!

Cheeming Boey is a Malaysian artist/ author/ animator who has created these amazing coffee cups drawings on foam cups with his excellent skills. Let’s have a look at these amazing coffee cups drawings which we would like to share with you and hopefully you will definitely like it.

40 Amazing Coffee Cups Drawings for Inspiration: