If you desire to revise the admin password in Mac OS X single user mode then just go through the below guidelines:

Step#1: To begin with enter into the Single User Mode. Restart your Mac and persist to hold Command+S when the system is booting in order to enter into the command line.

Step#2: At this point a note will be displayed informing you that your Mac OS X needs to run two commands in an attempt to revise the system files:

  • Below is the first command which you’ll have to enter. It verifies that your Mac OS X file system doesn’t contain any errors and fixes them (if found any):

fsck -fy

  • This command mounts the root Mac OS X drive as writable, allowing you to revise the system files:

mount -uw /

After the file system is mounted successfully, you can adjust any user’s password through the following command:

passwd username

Step#3: You’ll have to introduce the new password 2X to modify and validate the changes you’ve made!

If username not known: If you’re using someone else’s system and the username is not known in order to reset, then just use the following command:

ls /Users/

When you’ll enter the above command, at least three objects, .localized, Shared, and a username will be shown. The username is the item which you’ll need in order to change with the passwd command.

After the password has been changed and validated successfully, you can leave the Single User Mode by typing exit or reboot. Now you have full access to your Mac OS X with your new password!