Girls, get ready! Having a hard time finding that truly unique and special present that will make him smile? Wanna know the best five gifts for the man you love? Right then, let’s get started!

Here are five options that are sure to get his attention.

1. The Magnetic Bottle Opener

One of the niftiest gifts can be one of the most useful as well. This sharp little treasure is handy and fun, and provides a conversation piece at parties. It will save him the trouble of finding that pesky stray bottle opener when craving his favorite beverage. He will also remember who gave him this rare trinket.

2. A scrumptious treat

What’s better than a delicious treat? A surprise gift for your special someone can arrive by mail. He will love getting this yummy treasure and will adore you for the thought, too.

The choices range from succulent salmon pate to sweet and rich desserts. What better way to tease and tempt his appetite than a little surprise gourmet sampler?

3. The Pet Tracker

If he loves animals, then this gift will be perfect for him. This tracker is a GPS for pet lovers. Now your guy can know exactly what his little furball is doing and where he or she has roamed.

No more scary incidents when he has to spend all night looking for his adored critter. No more wondering if his pet is behaving or not. This device is small and can be attached to the pet’s collar and monitored through a log of the creature’s daily routines. It can be a big help in many ways!

4. Stone pestle and mortar

This simple gift provides the amateur chef with a great way to use his favorite herbs and spices. What better way to say you really appreciate his cooking than with this wonderful gift? It might not seem like much but believe it or not, he will love this one!

5. Roulette drinking game

Just for fun, this is perfect for the man who drinks. It may just be the best party accessory ever! Either way, this game will draw stares and lots of attention. He’ll take pride in showing off this quirky little gift to all his friends.

There are many great gifts for the man of your life. For these and more ideas, you can browse at online specialty stores!