So, you can’t find a Christmas gift for that “hard to buy for” cousin? Maybe you need to find a great anniversary gift for your wife.

Whatever the problem, there’s a solution. If you’re looking for the perfect gift, then maybe you should try online stores. There are thousands of stores online to shop from. Sure, it may sound a little overwhelming, but think of it this way; there is an endless variety of gifts and no shortage of variety.

There are three distinct strategies you can use when shopping for gifts online.

1. Sales

The number-one thing to do when you set out to buy a gift online is to look for sales. Many online retailers are itching to get rid of overstock. At certain times of the month, or right after holidays, these online stores will have huge discounts.

The store will run a sale that sometimes knocks more than half off the price. This makes a huge difference, especially when something goes on sale that you’re already interested in. Take advantage of sales and really save big for all your gifts and treats.

2. Email notifications

If you are a lover of sales, then this one’s for you. On most sites, or maybe all of them, there will be an area where you can enter your email address for notifications. This system is set up so the online store can send out automatic alerts when different items go on sale.

Some places have sales every day (daily sales), for which they will send out an alert so their email customers will get the first shot at taking advantage of these discounts. This is a highly beneficial service and it’s very easy to do.

Simply leave your address and wait for the email notification. This way, you will never miss another sale again! Some of these online retailers also offer free shipping on certain days, which is an added bonus.

3. Become a regular

If you find an online shop that you really love, bookmark it. You may even notice that you’re spending lots of time at this shop and getting most of your gifts there as well.

If you have become a faithful customer, the shop will start to offer incentives. Another way to use the Internet to buy gifts is to become a favored customer. Not only will you get special treatment, you will also be privy to the new merchandise before some of the other customers. This is just called good personal treatment.

There are many ways to utilize the Internet to buy gifts. These are just some of the easiest ways to get the best deals. Happy shopping!