Whether you’re setting up an office for multiple employees or just yourself, you want to be sure it’s comfortable and makes for a great space in which to get some work done.

Create an office that you or your employees want to spend time in; that way you all feel comfortable and can put as much time and attention into the job at hand as possible. Check out these three tips for building the perfect office.

1. Arrange an office that’s comfortable to work in

You might not be aware of them, but there are a lot of ways that a simple desk job can put strain on your body. You can prevent health problems by doing a few simple things.

Use as much natural lighting as possible, and supplement it with plenty of lamps and overhead lights to keep from straining your eyes. Choose office chairs that supply good back support, use wrist support to ward off carpal tunnel syndrome, and make sure your employees are all trained in office safety and procedures.

2. Make sure your Internet connection is fast and reliable

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to get something done when Internet service is painfully slow, or the computer won’t even connect to the Web.

An unreliable Wi-Fi connection can slow work to a standstill. Make sure that your office is set up so that computers are close to wireless routers, and the Internet provider you choose has great customer service.

3. Save money with energy-saving gadgets

From the overhead lights to the copy machine, an office consumes a lot of energy. When you choose to install energy-efficient electronics in the workplace, you not only save money on energy bills but you also create a green workplace that people can feel good about working in.

Encourage employees to drink from reusable water bottles by providing filtered drinking water, and make energy saving easy with power strips. Having an environmentally friendly office is good for the company as well as its employees.

Before you start to construct the perfect office space, it’s a good idea to create a plan. With a digital floor plan you can see exactly where everything will go, so you don’t accidentally block your outlets with furniture or set up a desk that’s too far from the plugins you need.

Save a lot of time and energy by planning out the room before you move everything in.