The Rise of Google Plus [INFOGRAPHIC]


6 thoughts on “The Rise of Google Plus [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. Facebook chat is unable to be turned off, This is terrible, i can not remove it, its buggy and people go offline randomly all the time. I would lower the score on that
    G+ does have messaging, Do an update, share it with only one person. Its’ not a hack, it was how it was designed!

  2. Excellent summary but I have to mention a few errors.
    Google+ does have a private messaging system. You just send the message to one person.
    Facebook old chat was nice. The new chat bar is horrible!!!. Shows everyone either online or not and does not respect lists anymore. So you can’t hide from a group anymore.
    Hopefully Google will let you choose who sees you online. Google Chat lets you resize the chat window.
    You forgot one big thing. The Wall. Facebook has a wall that most people choose “at their own risk” to let “friends” write on it. Also when friends write on the wall they do not know who has access to it (range of possibilities: from only you to everyone in the world). Fortunately there is no such thing as a wall in Google+.
    And one “little” thing. When you comment on a post in Google+ you mostly know who will see it or at least that it will be seen by 300 people. In Facebook you have no idea.
    And the smallest thing of all but the one who saves you from embarrasement. In Google+ you can edit your posts/comments after you sent them with that huge spelling error or the wrong word or the missing word that makes your statement completely opposite to what you meant. In Facebook tough luck. Once you hit that send button you are doomed for eternity. 🙂

  3. Aman,
    You have a repeated Grammar mistake. You want to use the word have not has above. Google or FB doesn’t have not doesn’t has a feature.

    Great graphic otherwise.
    Thanks for creating it.

  4. Alex, I agree with you the new chat is terrible, simply awful. And the wall is fundamentally flawed, you have two choices, let everyone post anything they want, or remove them as a friend, neither of which is wanted.
    you can hide from groups on the new facebook chat, in the settings you can limit availability to your specific groups.. the UI is gone fairly poor on it, but it is there.
    And with Facebook, spelling mistakes can be corrected failry easily, there is (was) an interface where if you commented on someone’s page but deleted it right away then it copied the sentence into your clip board so you could paste it back into the empty field and edit your spelling mistakes before sharing/hitting enter. Other than that you can just delete, the person still gets a notification and an email but sure it limits the damage.

  5. I love it how we can be looking at this so critically, however its comparing apples with pears. Google is a search engine, facebook is more a club environment. Do you see that both have merit and both could be used in different areas of marketing? Its just my take on this old age question, surely search is different to a network and offer different ways to interact?

  6. I agree +Lisa Lomas about both can be used as marketing tools. What is really behind the scene is Google acknowledge from sites, mails (gmail, blogspot, docs, reader, latitude…) and a background from the Usenet, the IT infrastructure, the greater big brother. Google flag is to give a better user experience; Facebook does not provide that, neither all the tools you can use also to market, communicate, interact for free. Do you see the Microsoft (Windows) flavor on Facebook?

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