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Top 5 Best Dust and Water Resistant Android Smartphones

Android is the leading face of every Smartphone operating system. It allows multitasking, social media usage, portability to several screen size, gaming and much more. The technology has also been embedded in other electronic gadgets too such as Digi cameras from Canon and Samsung. There are some mobile phones launched with possessing water and climate resistant features. If you are…

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Where Are Smartphones Being Used? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Last month we have posted an infographic about how smartphones being used ? Have you wondered thought where these smartphones being used? To help you get a better understanding we are now going to share an interesting infographic based on where are smartphones being used at different places. source: tatango


How Smartphones Being Used? [INFOGRAPHIC]

As the Smartphone are becoming the necessary need for every individual person day by day but have you ever think how they use their Smartphone. Today we found an interesting Infographic to help you get a better understanding about how Smartphones being used? source: tatango